12 Tips and Inspiration For Staying Organized With A Baby

It’s a new year, which means I am sure many of you have begun your list of goals for 2013 — otherwise known as those lovely resolutions. One of the top resolutions each year is to get more organized. If you’re a mom, this is something you are constantly striving for anyway, especially if you have a newborn or more than one little. Believe me, I have 5 kids so I totally get the whole “get organized!” resolution thing. Being organized helps give you more time with your littles. It makes life simpler. Less chaotic. You aren’t spending hours looking for things. You don’t have those “I want to scream at the top of my lungs” moments. Organization just helps a household run… smoothly. 

Need a little inspiration and a few tips? Click through to see my favorite things to help you get organized in your own home.

  • Easy DIY Storage 1 of 12
    Easy DIY Storage
    You would be surprised what you can give new life to in your own home. Like these animal lid mason jars! A quick and easy DIY project to keep those little pieces organized. This would be a great idea to store things like pacifiers, pacifier holders or even headbands!
    Image via Design Sponge
  • Household Organization Binder 2 of 12
    Household Organization Binder
    For those that may not have a ton of space for a home office, mud room or entryway, you can create an simple DIY home organization binder with easy printables.
    Image via Ginarae Miller Photography
  • Books At Your Finger Tips 3 of 12
    Books At Your Finger Tips
    Books are one of the best toys. Even from the time they are sitting up, all of my littles have loved pulling out books and playing with them. Creating a great space that encourages reading in an organized way will only help your child as they grow up. Books work as an easy way to decorate too! The options are endless when it comes to making a pretty display for books.
    Image via Apartment Therapy
  • Organized Space 4 of 12
    Organized Space
    This is such a great organized space inside a nursery! I love the numbered baskets, the book displays, and the shelves that display lots of pretty things. The decorators have incorporated quite a few things you can easily re-create in your own home.
    Image via How Joyful
  • Magnetic Organizational Board 5 of 12
    Magnetic Organizational Board
    Find a place for important papers! By creating something a quick, visual place to hang papers, you are less likely to forget important dates like doctors appointments or your kid's field trip form. Each week you can change the papers out so the board is always updated with the most relevant information.
    Image via The House of Smiths
  • Organized Entry Way for Small Spaces 6 of 12
    Organized Entry Way for Small Spaces
    Hello feng shui! It makes anyone feel good when they walk into a organized space right through the front door. This is especially important if you have more than one child or kids in school. When you have a baby and a school-aged child, having a place for backpacks, important papers, coats, etc. is important for good organization. This way, if you're busy with baby, you don't have to rush around looking for things as you get your other little ones out the door for the day.
    Image via Apartment Therapy
  • Personalized Storage Tubs 7 of 12
    Personalized Storage Tubs
    Personalized storage buckets vs. baskets are a great way to keep things organized if you have more than one child. Especially the items they use everyday or are constantly looking for. It's a budget-friendly alternative as well.
    Image via BHG
  • Utilize Space 8 of 12
    Utilize Space
    Storing things in pretty baskets under the cribs works for great storage.
    Image via Apartment Therapy
  • Create a Snack Station 9 of 12
    Create a Snack Station
    This is a very clever idea for those that have a new baby (like me!) and older children in school. Create a snack station! I swear, the moment my older ones run in the door from school it's like 25 minutes of chaos. Everyone is hungry. Everyone is talking at the same time. Everyone is throwing papers in my face. And well, the last thing you want to worry about is trying to multi-task while feeding your baby. Let older children be independent! By creating a snack station inside your fridge, they can easily grab what you have out for them! It makes your job a little easier for those crazy afternoons.
    Image via Apartment Therapy
  • Make a To Do List 10 of 12
    Make a To Do List
    And make it very visible. This is great for all those upcoming doctors appointments you need to remember to schedule or things you just can't seem to remember to get done.
    Image via Cornflower Blue Studio
  • Making a Place for All the Toys 11 of 12
    Making a Place for All the Toys
    By creating designated bins or baskets, everything will always have its place. This helps for easy clean up too! For those with little ones, consider turning a shelf on its side like this Ikea shelf. It makes the perfect bench and is at the perfect reach for little hands.
    Image via i heart organizing
  • Home Office 12 of 12
    Home Office
    Working At Home Mom? Many of you aren't just a full-time Mom -- you also work from home. This requires serious organization, as we all know -- you're wearing more than just one hat. It's helpful to create a designated place for all of your important papers or all the "junk" to look organized in a pretty fashion. If you aren't working from home, it's still great to find a good filing system for all important papers, receipts, and warranties.
    Image via Me Oh My!


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