12 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues With Your Baby

Even after nearly three years in the city, I still haven’t gotten used to the winter weather here in NYC. I’ve been rather lucky and we’ve had two very mild winters the past couple of years, but it’s still much too cold to take the girls out to play.

I have two very active little girls that love to crawl and run around no matter where they are. With the playground off of our list this winter, I knew that I needed to come up with some things for us to do so that I wouldn’t go crazy. Our apartment is rather small, so too many days stuck inside is enough to make anyone lose their mind.

This winter I decided to get a little bit creative and make a list of things that I could do with the girls that would help us get a little bit of our extra energy out. Some of my winter activities brought us to different places and some of them had us having fun and being creative inside. Either way, they were things that we don’t do often which made them extra fun and exciting. I can’t wait to get through our entire list this winter and see just how much fun my girls have doing what I have planned!

  • Workout with Your Baby 1 of 12
    Sometimes it's hard to get out of the house when temperatures are freezing outside or the snow is piling up outside. I am really trying to get more in shape, but it's such a hassle to get both girls in full coats and then take the bus or subway to the gym. Rather than taking the girls to the gym, I can get them involved and create my own gym in my living room. Avery is the perfect weight to do some of my favorite workout moves. I can hold her as I do my squats, lift her up to tone my arms. She can sit on the mat next to me as I do other moves and just sit and talk with her. It's a great time to bond together while I get my body back where I want it to be.
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  • Water Works 2 of 12
    What baby doesn't love splashing around in the water? Whether you put them in the bathtub or fill a plastic container full of water. Put toys, sponges, and cups in the water and let them get wet and splash around.
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  • Swimming Lessons 3 of 12
    I really want to enroll Avery in swimming lessons before the summer. We are usually outside and in the water a lot in the summer and I want her to be as comfortable as possible. Many places offer swimming lessons at indoor pools during the winter. This is a great time to enroll her so that she will be ready to splash and have fun when the summer gets here!
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  • Baby Sensory Box 4 of 12
    Babies love getting their hands on everything. Especially things that have different sounds and textures. Grab a plastic box and fill it with different sensory objects. Rice, Pasta, Beans, soft pom pom balls, straws, are just a few things that you can put in the box. Let them dig their hands in and touch all of the new and different items they can get their hands on. Make sure to never leave them unattended due to some of the small objects that you put in the box as they might be a choking hazard.
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  • Puppet Show 5 of 12
    This is a great activity to get both of my girls involved in. Harlan and I had fun making puppets the other day and thought it would be a great idea to put on a show for Avery. We didn't have anything fancy, but used Harlan's imagination and went from there. Avery laughed with us as we made up a ridiculous story. It was so much fun!
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  • Practice Walking 6 of 12
    Avery's next big milestone is walking. She's already taken her first step so we just have to encourage her to get comfortable enough to make a couple more. Being stuck inside is a great opportunity to work on practicing your little one's next big milestone. I love to grab Avery's hands and just walk up and down the apartment. It's fun to have her stand and Harlan and I cheer as she takes few steps. The smile on her face is priceless.
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  • Baby Obstacle Course 7 of 12
    Avery has recently learned to climb and she tries to climb on everything. Most of the time it's things that she shouldn't be climbing on. With us stuck inside, I might as well give her something safely to climb on. Grab some pillows, big blankets, balls, and stuffed animals and make a little obstacle course for your little one to climb all over. They will have so much fun doing something that they love to do and to do it safely.
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  • Make Music 8 of 12
    Avery loves to shake and tap things so that they make loud noises. Get out some pots and pans, put some rice in a water bottle and let them make music and start their own band. Get in on the fun and play along with them. Add a favorite nursery rhyme to your music and it will be even more fun.
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  • Library 9 of 12
    Both Harlan and Avery love books. I've been reading to them since the day they were born and we read at least one book a day. We are very fortunate to live near some amazing libraries in NYC. Thankfully many of them have great children's sections with story time and a lot of space to sit back, relax, and enjoy a good book.
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  • Host a Play Date 10 of 12
    If you are going stir crazy chances are another mama close by is too. Hop on the phone and call some of your mom friends for a play date. Your little one will have fun being around other babies and you will love being able to have some time to chat with someone other than your baby.
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  • Edible Finger Paint 11 of 12
    I recently found an edible finger paint by Wee Can Too Art that is made out of vegetables and knew that it would be perfect for cold or rainy day activities for both of my girls. Put some newspaper down on a table to keep it from getting too messy and let them go wild. Since babies naturally like to put things in their mouth, you don't have to worry because it is natural and safe for them. It's a great activity to let them explore their creative side and you can have fun finding places around the house to display their masterpiece.
    Available at Wee Can Too Art for $35 for a set
  • Bubbles 12 of 12
    Both of my girls have always loved bubbles. So much so that we took them to a show that consisted of an hour of bubbles in every shape and form. Bubbles are so much fun for both babies and toddlers. Put down a sheet on the floor and grab some bubbles. Let your little one crawl around trying to pop all of the bubbles on the ground. They will have such a magical time looking at all of the bubbles around them.
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