13 Bizarre Baby Keepsakes

When searching for baby keepsake ideas for my last post, 11 Must-Haves For Your Baby’s Keepsake Box, I kept coming across really bizarre items labeled as a keepsake for babies. A bacon and egg headband? Really? I found myself emailing links to my friends again and again. Eventually, the collection built into its own post that I just have to share. Some are homemade, others are re-purposed, and others are even mass produced. Introducing some of the most bizarre baby keepsakes found on Etsy:

  • 1. Crochet Kettleball Baby Rattle 1 of 13

    So, I kind of get it.  Baby rattles look like dumbbells, and kettle balls are the new weights — so a kettle ball baby keepsake, it is!

    Etsy $11.95

  • 2. Personalized Carved Egg 2 of 13

    What's a baby keepsake box without a personalized carved egg?  Pretty amazing, albeit a little unusual.

    Etsy $37.95

  • 3. Wolf Birth Announcement 3 of 13

    Here's one memorable way to announce the birth of your little bundle!

    Etsy $14.50

  • 4. Baby Barefoot Sandals 4 of 13

    Flipflops without the sole. You'll either love these or hate them. 

    Etsy $21.99

  • 5. Polymer Lifelike Baby Ornaments 5 of 13

    ...with stand! 

    So, turns out, anything made of the lifelike polymer freaks me out. I can't stop imagining the little babies coming alive and walking around my house.

    Etsy $64.00

  • 6. Preserve Your Baby’s Hair in Stained Glass 6 of 13

    If I hung this over my kitchen sink I'm afraid my friends would lose their appetite a little.

    Etsy $38.00

  • 7. Sonagram Pendant 7 of 13

    One day all of this sonagram jewelry is going to be found by our future generations and it's going to creep them out, I'm sure of it!

    Etsy $11.75

  • 8. Baby’s Fingerprint Jewelry 8 of 13

    A follow up to the sonogram pendant is the baby fingerprint necklaces.  This idea might, one day, help me break into my teenager's iPhone.

    Etsy $90.00

  • 9. Baby baseball bat 9 of 13

    Bonus points for customizing the bat to be the length of your baby at birth. Double bonus points if you let him or her keep it under their crib in case they hear monsters in the middle of the night.

    Etsy $45.00

  • 10. Painted Rock 10 of 13

    I appreciate this seller for calling it what it is — it's a rock.  Marketed as a keepsake.
    Etsy $12.00

  • 11. This 11 of 13

    The price is not a typo, it's six hundred dollars for this baby in a box (that looks a lot like a coffin). The cost and 'keepsake' aspect comes from the highly detailed customization the seller offers.  The baby blanket can be matched to your child's blanket, as can the lining of the box.

    Etsy $618.45 

  • 12. Maternity Belly Sash 12 of 13

    Since I adopted and didn't give birth, I'll have to default to others on this one. Is this actually becoming a thing?

    Etsy $45.00

  • 13. Baby Headbands are a Must! 13 of 13

    If you're looking for a weird counter-style baby headband, look no further- here's the Bacon and Egg!

    Etsy $13.00

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