Halloween Costumes for Sensitive Toddlers and Kids

Halloween with an infant was pretty easy. I put him in a cute outfit, I took a picture next to a pumpkin, and that was pretty much it. I could’ve put Eli in just about any costume and it would’ve worked out beautifully. But this year is a bit different. As much as I love my toddler, he is a toddler and he has opinions. Some things are good: Elmo, shoes, socks, toys. Some things are bad: hats, anything uncomfortable, anything new. So basically, Halloween is like a train wreck speeding rapidly towards us.

When I was trying to figure out what costume to pick for Eli, I knew that it had to hit a few criteria. There couldn’t be a hat or mask that “made” the costume, because there is no way of knowing if Halloween is one of the days where he’ll wear a hat (those days definitely exist, but are unpredictable). It couldn’t be uncomfortable because getting him into it would be torture for both of us. It couldn’t be too different from normal clothes because my toddler is scared of new things, and the last thing I want is for him to be scared of his own costume.

So with that in mind, I did some thinking and then I hit the web. I did not invent or create any of these costumes, but they all fit all my criteria.

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    Costumes for Sensitive Kids

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  • Baseball player 2 of 14
    Baseball Player

    So while a baseball hat *can* be worn in this costume, it's certainly not essential. A personalized baseball shirt, some white pants, and a baseball, and you're golden. If it's a day your kid will wear a hat, even better. If not, you still have an easy and comfortable Halloween option. 

    Get this shirt at Fly Duds' Etsy shop for $19.99

  • Nurse 3 of 14

    Speaking from experience, dressing up as a nurse for Halloween is pretty much the most comfortable costume out there. Scrubs are basically like short sleeved pajamas, and I highly recommend this easy costume (that can be embellished with tongue depressors, a toy stethoscope, and various other pretend medical equipment) to kids who seek out comfort. 

    Get this costume at The Gifting Spot's Etsy Store for $32.00

  • Doctor 4 of 14

    Eli was actually a doctor last year for Halloween and his costume was pretty cozy, but this more grown-up version is another nice option for something recognizable but simple. You could pair this with a pair of black pants for a fancy hospital, or a pair of tiny scrubs and pretend that your toddler doctor just got off an overnight call. 

    Get this at Heads Up Designs' Etsy Store for $16.95

  • Skeleton 5 of 14

    There are few costumes more quintessentially Halloween-y than a skeleton, and the ones that are more so are tougher to get on a toddler. I love this costume because for the kid it feels like a normal shirt, but it's easy to tell what they are and easy to get the costume on and off. All around a great, super easy, choice.

    Get this from Once Upon a Story's Etsy Store for $38.00

  • Superman 6 of 14

    Eli's a little young to know who Superman is, but the boy knows good things when he sees them, and I'm pretty sure he would die for a cape. This is another great, comfortable costume that mimics house clothes but is also very obviously distinguishable. There's a fair chance that this is what Eli will be next year.

    Get this from Party City for $19.99.

  • Football Player 7 of 14
    Football player

    This is another costume where a hat/helmet could be used, but where you can get away without one. Get some white or silver pants (if you have a boy, you may want to look at leggings in the girls section) and some tall socks and sneakers, and you've got a football player. If you have a particularly tolerant child, you can try the black lines on the face, but if they're wearing this type of shirt and carrying a football, there'll be no question.

    Get this costume at Fly Duds' Etsy Shop for $16.99

  • Sushi 8 of 14

    If you're looking for something a little more unique but still made essentially of normal clothes, look no further. This costume is just hilariously adorable and needs no additional decoration that might upset a sensitive kid. The felt on the sides could be a little irritating for the most sensory sensitive kids, but it may work for some. And it's just so cute.

    Get this costume from the Delta's Place Etsy Shop for $40.00

  • Prince Charming 9 of 14
    Prince Charming

    This is another one that I just love. You see scads of princesses each year, but very few princes, and it's just a shame. Get some black pants and shoes, and with this shirt it's an easy transformation. Bonus points if you can get a crown on, but some sort of royal scepter would do the trick.

    Get this from Tiny Disguises' Etsy Shop for $35.00

  • Firefighter 10 of 14

    Many little boys (and definitely some little girls) are very interested in firefighters, but some of the costumes on the market are made out of vinyl and other really uncomfortable stuff. This costume is a nice option because the shirt is cotton and the pants, though heavier, shouldn't be terribly obnoxious. And if the pants are too much, the shirt is available on its own and can be paired pretty easily with some pants to still keep the theme alive.  

    Get this costume from Fully Involved Stch's Etsy Store for $49.00

  • Snow White 11 of 14
    Snow White

    When I was looking at costumes, I noticed that many of the dresses for girls were either covered with tulle (which makes MY skin crawl), or made from other irritating fabrics. Not to mention that so many of them kind of need crowns. This Snow White dress is great since it's made from cotton and requires no head piece. It looks comfortable enough for everyday use.

    Get this costume from the Lover Dover's Clothing Etsy Shop for $38.99

  • Member of Starfleet 12 of 14
    Star Trek

    This is another easy option that is also easily recognized (by most people). All you'd have to do is pair this onesie with a pair of black pants and you have your own little member of Starfleet. It's about as easy as it gets, and the price is entirely reasonable, too.

    Get this costume from Rhoad Works' Etsy Shop for $11.00. 

  • Cowgirl 13 of 14

    While little kids in cowboy hats are entirely adorable, they're also not the most comfortable. But that doesn't mean that cowboys or cowgirls can't exist without hats. This costume is super cute and comfortable looking, and even without a hat, it's clear what the child is. And the male counterparts are equally awesome. 

    Get this costume at Pom Poms and Pigtails's Etsy Shop for $24.50

  • Charlie Brown 14 of 14
    Charlie Brown

    So, after much consideration, this is Eli's Halloween costume. It fits his body well (95th percentile heads are good for some things besides housing big brains), and I think it's just going to be perfect. We ordered a shirt, bought black shorts, and are going to find some brown shoes, and voila! Charlie Brown. To him, it'll feel just like everyday clothes, which is exactly what I was hoping for.

    Get this costume from Royal Kane's Etsy Shop for $17.99

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