13 Totally Bizarre & Sweet Baby Valentines

Oh Valentine’s day. I have such mixed feelings about you.

Which is why I am perfectly content to amuse myself with looking at ridiculous vintage Valentines.

For some reason, babies were a popular theme of choice in Valentine card design.

Probably because they are cute, but some of these images are just plain bizarre. You be the judge, after the jump!

  • Love’s Question 1 of 13
    Love's Question
    Victorian cherub Cupid. Nothing too strange going on here, except for the fact that cherub Cupids creep me out slightly.
    Photo Credit: Cheney Baglady
  • There’s a Man with More Money 2 of 13
    There's a Man with More Money very romantic? I don't get it. Perhaps you can explain it to me.
    Photo Credit: Cheney Baglady
  • You Can Safely Pin Your Faith on Me 3 of 13
    You Can Safely Pin Your Faith on Me
    C'mon, you know this is adorable.
    Photo Credit: Valentines Day Gifts
  • Mail Baby 4 of 13
    Mail Baby
    Nekked, pudgy adorableness. Looks to be a cupid in disguise.
    Photo Credit: Valentines Day Gifts
  • Love Me or Else 5 of 13
    Love Me or Else
    It's off with your head! Oh, how sweet.
    Photo Credit: Oh Have You Seen This
  • Baby’s 1st Valentine 6 of 13
    Baby's 1st Valentine
    Now this. Sweet, pretty vintage goodness. nothing bizarro. Except that maybe a large bouquet of baby is rather disconcerting. Thank-you internets.
    Photo Credit: Flick River
  • Sweet Combination 7 of 13
    Sweet Combination
    Oh the puns. They ran in abundance as featured on Valentine cards back in the day. Some of them cute, some of them sassy, some of them hilarious, some of them completely whack. (Racist, sexist, wouldn't see the light of day in print today).
    Photo Credit: Significant Snail
  • Aiming To Please You 8 of 13
    Aiming To Please You
    For those of you who hath fallen smitten for thugs.
    Photo Credit: Damn Cool Pictures
  • Baby in a Basket 9 of 13
    Baby in a Basket
    Slightly would appear as it this baby has busted out of their confines, no matter how charming they look. Who wants to be tied up in a basket? Plus, there's all those posies to pick...
    Photo Credit: Jody's Attic
  • Hearty Greetings 10 of 13
    Hearty Greetings
    More puns. Plus? Baby tooshie. There's not much cuter than baby tooshie.. This one is my favourite.
    Photo Credit: Eyedeal Postcards
  • You’re all Wet… 11 of 13
    You're all Wet...
    Ahem. But I love you. Peculiar indeed.
    Photo Credit: Skinny Dip
  • Another Baby’s 1st V-Day 12 of 13
    Another Baby's 1st V-Day
    Not that I believe in gifting, making or baking your heart out for babies on Valentine's day. I think it should be done at random, year round. But, if you were a collector of things? Or keeping a treasure chest for your little one, this will remind them of how much you loved them when they are grounded for sneaking out at night.
    Photo Credit: Grandmother's Attic on Etsy
  • True Heart 13 of 13
    True Heart
    Now this? Scrap that other one, THIS is my favourite. Just. So. Dang. Cute.
    Photo Credit: Birdhouse Books

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