13 Weird Baby Teeth Stock Photos ('Cause Baby Teeth Can Be Hilarious)

I’ve known a lot of babies, but I’ve never noticed the awkward stage that is the descent of the top teeth.  Usually occurring sometime between 6-18 months, all kinds of freakish things are going on in babies’ mouths. My first daughter’s top teeth started with a swelling mound of gums that lasted for weeks. Eventually the gum split open, and I squeamishly watched day by day as her teeth pushed through.

My second daughter currently has only one top tooth, and it’s more triangle-shaped than square. It looks painful. The whole process looks like punishment. However, I’m photographing each teething stage with the hopes that it’ll one day be a source of laughter for us. Baby teeth are funny. They can look pretty jacked, and fortunately, we know that they’ll fall out and a new set will replace them. In the meantime, it’s okay to laugh.

Here are some hilarious, and sometimes cringe-worthy, stock photos of the various stages of baby teeth breaking through. All photos are from iStockPhotos, Enjoy!

  • Soooo close 1 of 12

    Is that two or three top teeth that have popped through?

  • Watch out 2 of 12
    baby teeth

    I had no idea baby teeth could be so sharp! Yikes.

  • Try not to love this baby 3 of 12

    I was surprised to learn that the bottom teeth usually come in first.

  • 2 teeth or 8? 4 of 12

    This is exactly what my daughter Clementine's teeth look like right now. Each tooth looks like it's split into four pieces!

  • Any day now 5 of 12

    That swollen top gum as two giant teeth ready to meet the world asap.

  • The half-moon 6 of 12

    This baby's front teeth are the opposite of jagged. I call them half-moon teeth.

  • The bar chart 7 of 12

    Apparently, it's also common for teeth to remain at various heights and lengths over long periods of time.

  • The 3rd bottom tooth 8 of 12

    My daughter's haven't gotten this far, but the 3rd bottom tooth can really change up a smile!

  • Tiny teeth 9 of 12

    Fat ones, thin ones, all baby teeth look extreme to me.

  • The teeth freeze 10 of 12

    The two teeth at the bottom seem to last for quite a while, and then boom! A mouth full of teeth.

  • You’re either in or you’re out 11 of 12

    I can't tell if this baby's teeth have broken through the gums yet.

  • 1 is the loneliest number 12 of 12

    So sweet and so adorably sad at the same time. More teeth, please!

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