13,000,000+ Youtube Hits: What Is It About “Tea Time With Tayla”?

My babies LOVE “Tea Time With Tayla,” and I don’t get it. When I first heard her voice, I was in another room while my babysitter, Asia, played with the girls. “Wow, she’s really peppy today,” I thought of Asia. “And isn’t that nice that she’s trying to sing, too?” Eventually, I saw that Asia was playing videos on the iPad (just for the music, they weren’t watching the screen), and we marveled at how much the girls loved Tayla Banana. “Watch what happens when I turn it off, Asia said. And with that, my 11-month-old daughter threw a full-on tantrum. I had never seen her act that way before.

Tayla Banana’s real name is Tahlia Morgan. And I’m dying to watch the 2011 short film Emily Carter that she starred in. According to IMDB, the film is about a teenage girl haunted by the ghost of her best friend after breaking their suicide pact. Talk about range! Otherwise, I can’t find out much more about her.

So what the heck is so special about the Tea Time With Tayla show?? It’s as low budget as they come, with Microsoft Clip Art and a giant purple wig. Tayla is not a singer (no one would debate this), but she proudly belts away a capella. Oftentimes, she doesn’t know the words to the nursery rhymes, so she just repeats the first line again and again. In “Hickory Dickory Dock,” the clock strikes one again, and again, and again. Someone needs to fix that darn clock. In “Yankee Doodle,” she never sings about a feather or macaroni. He just keeps riding on that pony.

Yet, with 13,000,000 hits on YouTube, there’s obviously something about Tayla that clicks with babies. Thousands and thousands of kiddie shows and music videos are on YouTube — what’s her secret? The pitch of her voice? Her enthusiasm? How can I be more like her for my girls?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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