14 Essentials for a Super-Fun and Friendly Backyard for Baby

We spend a lot of time outside as a family. We have a really awesome swing set, a trampoline, and a brick patio that is set up like an outdoor dining room. It’s so nice to eat dinner outside with such easy clean-up and spend the days under the sun. All of my kids, Grayson included, love being outdoors. They can run around, climb, and play with the dogs and they always come back inside exhausted. Honestly, they would probably live in a tent out back if I let them. 

Since we have more kids then our swing set can handle, we have looked for other ways to make the backyard fun for Grayson. Being outside is such a fun way for you to entertain your baby during the warmer months and it is so easy to create a fun environment and friendly backyard for baby to play.

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    backyard fun

    Summer is in full swing and it's the perfect time to soak up the sun. Check out 14 essentials for a super-fun and friendly backyard you can create for your baby!

  • Fun & Sun Climber 2 of 15

    This playful climber and sandbox is one of my favorite new things for summer. Even though it's made to be a sandbox, we fill it with water too. Your little one will love splashing away or an older baby will enjoy the sandbox. A new crawler can climb and slide—it's fun for all. It features a protective lid and a shovel for digging too. I love the easy clean-up since the sandbox is equipped with a drain plug.

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  • Sunshield Swing 3 of 15

    I can't tell you how many times Grayson has fallen asleep in his swing. An outdoor baby swing is essential for a baby. This swing features a sunshield canopy which is great to provide extra protection from the sun. The seat can also be reclined for use with an infant. If you don't have a swing set to attach it to just look for a tree in your yard. 

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  • Baby Pool 4 of 15

    A baby pool for those long hot summer days is a great way to cool off with your little one. Grayson is a water baby and would sit and sun in the pool all day. He loves it and it's a promised great nap after water play. 

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  • Playland and Balls 5 of 15

    Stay cool with this inflatable Disney play land filled with plastic balls. Fun outdoor entertainment while Dad grills and Mom gardens close-by. Every baby loves to play ball! 

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  • Keep Baby Safe in the Grass 6 of 15

    This is such a fun outdoor toy for a new baby. The walls keep your little one secure while others frolic around the yard. It features 20 minutes of lights and melodies and it's sure to entertain while your outdoors.

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  • Bubbles 7 of 15

    Bubbles are such a fun way for baby to play outdoors. It's a classic activity everyone enjoys and is a fun for baby too!

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  • Sensory Balls 8 of 15

    Sensory balls aren't just great for indoor - they are fun for outdoors too. They are even great in the pool. 

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  • A Tee Pee 9 of 15

    A modern and trendy hide-a-way is a great place for you and baby to have a snack or read a book outside. Maybe even take a nap! It's another space outdoors for baby to hang. 

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  • Outdoor Dinning 10 of 15

    We've always been big fans of the lobster when we are on-the-go. But, it is so wonderful to have outside at our outdoor dining table. We don't have to haul the high-chair in and out and it easily attaches on and off in a breeze. 

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  • Don’t Forget the Storage 11 of 15

    Create a place on the side of your house or inside your carport or garage so you can easily find all of the outdoor essentials for baby. 

    Image via Kelli Wilson

  • Swing Set 12 of 15

    Never-ending fun for the whole family this swing set includes two swings, a slide, and a fun playhouse all wrapped up in a trendy design. 

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  • Safe Play Area 13 of 15

    Put up the Playsafe Playard and put down a blanket! It's the perfect gate to create a comfortable safe area outdoors for baby to play. It's a breeze to set-up, conveniently portable and lightweight.  The 6 plastic panels connect a free-standing play area for your little one. I love that it features a convenient walk-thru door and a handle so you can easily move it around, indoors or outside. 

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  • Multi-Purpose Flooring 14 of 15

    If you aren't fond of the grass or would rather have flooring on your patio, multi-purpose flooring is perfect for those little ones that are constantly on the go. It works great outdoors and is a comfortable place for baby to sit. 

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  • Stay Out of the Sun 15 of 15

    Place a big umbrella where baby will be hanging out most of the day. Whether it's by the pool or just hanging out in the grass. It gives you a nice shady place to play all day. It works great for over your outdoor dinning area too! 

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