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It’s hard to believe that my last baby is almost a year old. Grayson, in just 3 short weeks, will be 1 year old. It’s shocking right? It’s feels like yesterday we were ever-so-slowly counting down the days until his birth while I sat for weeks on bed rest. Now, his first year has come and gone and I so much want to freeze time right now. On the other hand, I am truly looking forward to seeing how he becomes my little man. I can’t wait to see him take his first steps. I can’t wait to say good-bye to formula. I am very excited to celebrate at his first birthday party (which I am currently planning)! It’s all so exciting, but at the same time I’m a little sad we won’t have an infant much longer. I feel like he will be starting pre-school before I know it, so I am cherishing every moment with baby Gray.

A few weeks ago I was able to meet up with the most amazing photographer around town, Kim Flores. (If you are every around the Baltimore/ Washington DC area, book her. You won’t regret it.) She is a one-of-a-kind gem and I am so lucky to have her in my life so she can capture all of our special milestones. We can thank Kim for Grayson’s amazing newborn and three-month-old photo shoot, which were just so much fun. Every time I get together with Kim to take photos, when I get them back my face just drops as I look through them. I love watching our little photo shoots come to life and it’s so fun styling Grayson too!

Click through 14 of my favorite photos from our photo shoot!

  • Photo Shoot Ideas 1 of 15

    Click through 14 of my favorite photos from Grayson's latest photo shoot and gain inspiration for your next photo session. 

  • The Perfect Backdrop 2 of 15
    Baltimore Baby Photographer Kim Flores (1)

    I love taking photos outside and of this set of photos on a simple backdrop, the great outdoors is one of my favorites. I choose to put him in blue hues to bring out those baby blue eyes even more. 

    Buy Grayson's shirt from The Printed Palette. Hat is from Target and skinny jeans are BabyGap. 


  • Captain Adorable 3 of 15
    Baltimore Baby Photographer Kim Flores (3)

    His Printed Palette tee says it all captain adorable! I think we can all agree with that. 


  • Those Eyes! 4 of 15
    Baltimore Baby Photographer Kim Flores (5)

    I have a feeling my little guy is going to be breaking hearts with those big blue eyes. Every where we go he constantly gets stopped for "those big eyes" and they truly shine in this precious photo. 

  • Surfer Boy 5 of 15
    Baltimore Baby Photographer Kim Flores (6)

    I love California and the beach; I would move in an instant to Malibu if my husband would just let us. Sigh. So when I spotted this graphic tee that reads "Born to Be a Surfer Boy" I just had to snatch it up at Zara. I'm so happy it finally fit! When preparing for a photo shoot, I find it fun to grab a few graphic tees that really show off your little one's personality. 

  • My Little Man 6 of 15
    Baltimore Baby Photographer Kim Flores (8)

    Mixing a plaid print with a striped bow-tie is one of my favorite looks. It would be perfect for the upcoming holiday season too! Don't be scared to mix-and-match patterns for a modern look. I love this Little Mr. bow tie; I think they are the best! Why? Because they snap right on that top shirt button. It's so easy—no more fighting to get that bow-tie on baby.

    Buy a bow-tie from Little Mr. 

  • Hello, Mr. Trendy 7 of 15
    Baltimore Baby Photographer Kim Flores (16)

    Just a few of my favorite items and brands from Grayson's first year are paired up for this fabulous trio of an outfit. 

    Buy the hat from Salt City Emporium for $16, Buy the leggings from Carly Megan Shop for $38, Buy the Man Cub tank from Loved By Hannah and Eli for $25

  • Okay Mom, I’m Done 8 of 15
    Baltimore Baby Photographer Kim Flores (17)

    As baby grows, the photo shoots get harder! Right after Kim snapped this, you can bet Grayson was speeding away. It was harder to snap photos of him this time than his last shoot, but Kim does such an amazing job! 

  • Happy Guy 9 of 15
    Baltimore Baby Photographer Kim Flores (18)

    A great tip that even works at home: put out a pouf so baby can hold on to something while you capture that smile. It works as a great photo prop too! 

  • Swoon-Worthy 10 of 15
    Baltimore Baby Photographer Kim Flores

    I mean, could this be any cuter? I couldn't wait to try out this adorable wooden airplane prop Kim bought. I paired it with a simple green sweater so it wouldn't take away from the overall photo. I just LOVE it. 

  • Such a Ham 11 of 15
    DC Baby Photographer Kim Flores (1)

    "Ha, you ladies think I am just going to stand here? Think again." 

    Another photo we struggled to snap because Grayson was too busy flirting with the lens and wanted to just crawl to us. He was such a ham and I think he thought it was a big joke watching us run back and forth, chasing him and propping him up again. It was so much fun though! And well worth it. 

  • I’m Standing! 12 of 15
    DC Baby Photographer Kim Flores (2)

    I just had to capture this oh-so-modern outfit for a little boy. See? Boys do have cute clothes! I am obsessed with this super-soft tank and mint skinnies. Clearly, Grayson is pretty happy with his outfit too!

    Buy the tank from Little Boogaweezin for $19, Buy the skinnies (skinny leggings) from Carly Megan Shop for $38

  • Over the Top Fashion Statement 13 of 15
    DC Baby Photographer Kim Flores (5)

    Once again, I paired all of my favorite trendy baby items together for one uber-trendy shot of Mr. Gray because well, these items define his wardrobe. 

    Buy the hat from Salt City Emporium for $16, Buy the leggings from Carly Megan Shop for $38, Buy the Man Cub tank from Loved By Hannah and Eli for $25, Buy the bandana bib from Duchess and Lion Clothing Co for $16, Buy the mocs from Freshly Picked for $60

  • Favorite Blanket 14 of 15
    Baltimore Baby Photographer Kim Flores (23)

    We captured a photo of Grayson's favorite blanket. It's just so cute that we had to make sure we had a photo for the baby book, and to share how sweet the words are across the blanket.

    Buy it from Carly Megan Shop for $44

  • This Boy… 15 of 15
    maryland baby photographer

    He just melts my heart! I still can't believe he is going to be one year old. Time flies when you're having fun! Grayson Henry Charles, we love you. 


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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