15 Baby Book Apps for Documenting Baby’s Milestones

I’m embarrassed to admit this, but I have no formal record of all of the milestones that my girls have made throughout the years. All of their first steps, first words, weight, is on a note in my phone. I make sure to send it to myself every week just in case something were to happen to all of the data.

I’ve always had the intention to buy a baby book for each of them and sit down to take the time to write everything in it and print out photos to go along with it. But let’s be honest, who really has that much time on their hands with little ones running around? I honestly think that baby books might be a thing of the past. With all of the technology available to us, there is so much that is moving to a digital platform rather than the old school pen and paper.

With all of my girls major milestones just hanging out on a note, I wanted to find a way to electronically keep everything, but in a cleaner and nicer way. Thankfully in all my research, I found many apps that are available on phones and tablets that will allow you to record all of your child’s milestones and keep photos organized in the way that works best for you. An online baby book in the palm of your hand.

Check out some of my favorite baby book apps for documents all of your little one’s life moments, both big and small.

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  • Kid Capsule 2 of 16

    Kid Capsule is an app that just about has it all. It is a photo album, baby book, journal, and more. You can organize all of your photos into albums so that they are easily accessible. Create a profile for each child so that you can record each individual milestone and moment. Add events throughout their life like their first bath or first time to grandma's house. You can share everything with family, friends, and even on your social networks.

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  • My Baby Book 3 of 16

    My Baby Book is a simple way to record each milestone in your baby's life. It's a running list of all of their major milestones that you have recorded and it allows you to attach a photo and video to the milestone. You can also share it with family and friends. 

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  • Moment Garden 4 of 16

    Moment Garden is an app that really has it all. Save photos, videos, add captions, and more. You can share it privately with family and friends. There is even an online platform that puts all of your moments into a timeline for you to see how much your little one has grown. The best part? All of your special moments are available to print into a book so that you can treasure it forever. 

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  • Sweet Baby 5 of 16

    Sweet Baby is a traditional baby book put into an app. It has preloaded pages and questions that give you a great template to easily record all of your baby's milestones. You can customize the pages to suit your needs and everything can be exported into a PDF when you are finished so that you can print it out to cherish forever! 

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  • Day One 6 of 16
    Day One is a simple day to day journal that allows you to easily and beautifully list all of life's special moments.  While it's not necessarily tailored to babies, it is a very simple and quick way to record moments throughout the day that are backed up and organized.
  • Sprout Baby 7 of 16

    This is a great app that mom can use from birth. Not only does it have a place where you can upload photos and milestones in an album, but it also has a growth chart to track your baby's growth. It includes a place to keep track of feedings, diaper, changes, and more. 

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  • Story 8 of 16

    Story is a fast and easy way to share life's moments. It easily organizes your photos into a story based on the day and time that they were taken, which takes most of the hard work out of your hands. It also allows you to customize the background and even add videos. You can share it with your family, upload it to Facebook, or even embed it on your website. 

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  • Time Hut Baby Book and Journal 9 of 16

    Time Hut is a great app that gets all parents involved. Not only does it allow you to upload photos and journal entries, but it allows you to add authorized users that can do the same. If dad is spending the day out with baby, he can easily upload a photo of their day into baby's time hut and mom will see it when she logs into the app from her phone. 

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  • Ukky Journal and Photo Album 10 of 16

    Ukky has a really gorgeous interface and allows for you to create a photo album and share it with family  and friends. Add your child, their name, gender, and birthday to the app and then start creating special moments. You can add a photo, write a caption, add the date, and then share it with the world or just family and friends. 

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  • Story of You 11 of 16

    This app is a great template to let you share your little one's story and then it can be printed into a hard copy book to enjoy forever. You can easily upload photos and fill in the blanks to have a beautiful baby book. 

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  • Tweekaboo 12 of 16

    Tweekaboo is a great app that lets you easily captures videos, photos, and milestones and it will do all of the organizing for you. You can even create a private journal just for you and baby. You can share the photos and precious moments with close family and friends easily so they can get in on all of the fun.

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  • Baby Log 13 of 16
    Baby Log allows you to track everything from growth to feedings all organized in the app. On top of knowing when you last changed baby's diaper, you can keep a journal and upload photos of special moments between you and your little one.
  • Kidfolio Parenting and Baby Book 14 of 16
    Kidfolio is a social network for parents that allows you to track special moments in your little one's life, but also lets you chat with other parents about milestones happening. Get recommendations on products, get parenting information on daily developments, and create  a group just for family members to see special moments. 
  • Kidlee Baby Book and Journal 15 of 16

    Invite your family to follow along on your little one's life. Kidlee allows you to upload photos, videos and more and privately share them in a network of family and friends. Even if grandma doesn't have a smartphone, Kidlee will automatically send her updates on your little one's life. The app also allows you to track doctors visits and more. 

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  • Our Kids 16 of 16

    Our Kids is an app that simply stores all of life's little and big moments. Create a note about a special day or milestone, add a photo, video, or audio clip and it will organize it for you. You can even add location to the milestone so you will always remember where it took place. 

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