15 Baby Names That Could Disappear by 2016

Image Source: ThinkStock
Image Source: ThinkStock

Looking for a unique baby name for your soon-to-be little one? You’re in luck! It has recently been revealed that there are 15 names that were only given to five babies each in 2013. At that rate, by this time next year these names could be completely extinct in the U.S. Some of them may not come as a surprise (we don’t know any Icarus’, do you?) but others threw us for a loop.

Take a moment to read through the names and see if any are right for your future tyke. Chances are they’ll be the only one of their friends with that name come kindergarten!

1. Barbra

For Streisand fans (and Barbra Walter lovers), the shortened spelling of “Barbara” will always be synonymous with greatness. But for some others, it just looks like a typo.

2. Alpha

Alpha, which is the first name of the Greek alphabet, is no longer a prime choice for naming our first born. Perhaps a bit too dominant for some?

3. Claudine

While pretty and feminine, we’re thinking that new parents have been swapping Claudine for the more modern Claudia.

4. Nanette

We can’t help but think of fashion designer Nanette Lapore when we hear this name. Known for her eclectic style and “gypsy-influenced” designs, this would be a great name for a free-spirited little girl.

5. Sheba

While unlikely, this would make the perfect name for Kate Middleton’s next baby. It doesn’t get more royal than the Queen of Sheba, right?

6. Sondra

Little known fact: Sondra is actually a type of jumping spider. So maybe not ideal for anyone suffering from arachnophobia …

7. Zelma

It’s like the more futuristic version of Thelma! What’s not to love?

8. Thisbe

What, you’ve never heard of this name inspired by a legendary woman of Babylon who dies for love? Perfect! That means no one else will have this name at Girl Scouts.

9. Sherwood

With new magical locations, like Arendelle, to choose from, parents clearly haven’t felt the need to name their newborns after Robin Hood’s home. But wouldn’t this make the perfect name for a little boy with glasses? (Yes, glasses are a must.)

10. Elmo

Who wouldn’t want to name their baby after everyone’s favorite Sesame Street character?

11. Icarus

“Don’t fly too close to the sun!” We can’t imagine why new parents wouldn’t want to name their baby after an Ancient Greek known for failure.

12. Llewellyn

Parents have seemingly decided to leave this family name behind in exchange for a more common name, Lewis. Must be all the l’s.

13. Inigo

Inigo Martinez may be a famous soccer player in Spain, but unless we’re watching The Princess Bride we won’t be hearing that name much in the U.S.

14. Remus

Harry Potter fans may beg to differ, but Remus is sadly fading away as a top baby-name choice. Guess no one is down with naming their kids after fictional werewolves anymore.

15. Waldo

Where’s Waldo? Sadly he’s nowhere to be found in the roster for pre-school this year. ‘Tis a shame.

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