15 Beach Day Essentials for Baby

It’s hard to believe that Memorial Weekend is already upon us and summer is right around the corner! Weekend getaways to the pool,  the beach or the lake — it’s the time of the year when most of us can’t help but flock to the water. Even with baby in tow, you can still have an enjoyable day in the sun. But it might require more than an iPod and a trendy tote. This roundup I’ve got will help ensure you’re prepped for a fun, successful trip to the beach.

Just check out these 15 beach-day essentials, and you’ll be good to go!

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    Click-through 15 beach day essentials for a fun-filled day of water and sand with baby in tow! 

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    First things first! You're going to need a big ole' beach tote to shove everything inside when you head to the pool or beach. Look for something that is large enough to fit everything so you don't have to lug more then one bag.

    Buy it from Target for $27.99

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     You can't forget the swim suits! I suggest stocking up and packing a few pairs. Look for swim suits that keep baby protected like this adorable gingham zip-up, UV 50+ included. How adorable are those sweet pink bows? Oh-so-cute. Oh, and even better  - rash guard included.

    Buy it from SwimZip for $29.99

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    Having a wet bag at arms reach is great to separate those wet suits from dry clothes. Especially if you plan to be Oceanside all day.

    Buy one from Itzy Ritzy for $17.95

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    Weighing only 7lbs, it won't be a ton of extra cargo to carry for the day! Bringing along a portable crib, like The Traveller above is a great place for baby to rest and take a break from the sand. The full mesh sides that un-zipper couldn't be more perfect for a day on the beach! It's worth every penny.

    Buy it from phil&teds for $199

  • Little Swimmers 6 of 16
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    Don't worry about the diaper swelling, disposable swim diapers are the way to go for hours of fun in the water.

    Buy Huggies Little Swimmers for $12

  • Pajamas 7 of 16
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    If you plan to leave the beach late or only took a day trip then consider packing pajamas for the ride home so baby is dry, cozy and will take a nap on the way home. A tank top and short set is perfect for summer nights!

    Buy them from Tea Collection for $29

  • Sun Hat 8 of 16
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    For obvious reasons a sun hat is a must to protect baby from those hot rays in the summer heat.

    Buy it from J.Crew for $30

  • Sunscreen 9 of 16
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    Natural, unscented SPF 30 sunscreen is just what you need to protect baby's skin. It's even safe for use on children under 6 months of age and water resistant! Vegan, no harmful chemicals, biodegradable and reef-friendly! What's not to love?

    Buy it from The Honest Company for $13.95

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    Packing baby sunglasses keeps those baby eyes protected. Make sure the pair you pick is UVA and UVB protected.

    Buy them from Target for $6

  • Lightweight Blanket 11 of 16

    Even though it's usually pretty hot when you're spending the day by the water, taking a lightweight blanket to cover baby during naptime ensures extra protection from the sun.

    Buy it from aden+anais for $49.99 for a 4 pack

  • Water Shoes 12 of 16

    While they may not be "essential" for some, those who have early walkers may want to grab a pair as they learn to adjust to walking on the sand.

    Buy them from Disney Store for $7.99

  • Baby Powder 13 of 16
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    Baby powder will be your best friend for the beach bum! I learned this trick quite young and you should always have it when you head to the beach. Sprinkle the baby powder during diaper changes quickly releases the sand from skin in an instant. It truly is  magic when it comes to get the sand away from all those sweet baby rolls and toes.

    Buy it from for $5

  • Sippy Cup 14 of 16

    Keeping baby well hydrating is a must. Make sure you packed their favorite sippy cup for the day. The anti-bacterial cup with sliding lid with dual handles means no more sand in the sippy cup.

    Buy it now from Piyo Piyo for $9.99

  • Toys 15 of 16

    If you plan to be poolside or on the beach all day pack their favorite toys so they can play with them under the umbrella while you hopefully catch some rays.

    Buy squirters from Alex Toys for $10.95

  • Hooded Towel 16 of 16

    Cover up the ears and dry off in a breeze with a Mickey Mouse Hooded Towel! 

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