15 Great Holiday Gifts for Babies for Under $15

Our family has somewhat complicated holidays. We are raising our son to be Jewish, so in our house, we celebrate Chanukah. We don’t put up a Christmas tree or lights, and we light candles each of the 8 nights of Chanukah. But, my family is not Jewish, so for Christmas, we drive to my hometown and celebrate with my family. We don’t celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday; it’s more about time with family and exchanging presents with one another.

Last year, we got away with not doing much in the way of presents because Eli just didn’t need more toys, but this year, we decided to start our holiday tradition. For Chanukah, we buy one big gift and 7 small ones. And those small ones are pretty comparable to gifts you might find in a Christmas stocking. After spending the past few weeks collecting small gifts and looking around at what we already have (giving recommendations for my niece, who is 1), I decided to share some of our favorite Chanukah and Christmas gifts for babies for under $15.

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    baby toys for under 15 dollars

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  • Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes 2 of 16
    Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes

    This is a toy that Eli has had for ages and still, at 18 months, it's a favorite. It's nice and compact, and now he has a favorite song and knows how to easily press the button to get to it. For younger babies, it plays soothing classical tunes (and has 2 volume options!) with bright lights. It's a perfect gift for babies of all ages.


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  • Little Tikes Tap-A-Tune Drum 3 of 16
    Little Tikes Tap-A-Tune Drum

    This may not be best for people who like quiet houses, but we embrace the noise here, and this is totally a favorite toy around here. We have several drums, and no matter how old Eli gets, they never stop being a lot of fun.


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  • Balls! 4 of 16
    Melissa & Doug Ball

    So, we don't have this exact ball, but we have several similar ones and they are beloved. Now that Eli is walking all around, he loves to kick them across the room and is slowly learning how to catch them. Balls are great toys for babies of all ages. Just make sure to stay away from foam ones until they're past the biting stage, or you'll be cleaning up small pieces of foam from your living room (ask me how I know).


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  • Kid O Car 5 of 16
    Kid O Car

    This is a toy that Eli got for Chanukah last year, and just this morning he was vroom vrooming it across the living room. It's cute, it has a great handle for even the smallest of hands, and it glides easily over carpet. No bells or whistles, but sometimes the best toys are the least frilly.


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  • Stuffed Sesame Street Characters 6 of 16
    Cookie Monster

    Eli has this same brand/type of stuffed animal, but he has Grover and (shhhh don't tell him) he's getting Big Bird for Chanukah. We got our niece an Abby Cadabby as well. They're just the right size, super soft and perfect for cuddling. Eli absolutely ADORES his Grover and can't get enough of him. I would happily buy every single of one of these for him if I could.


    Get this gift from Target for $10.59

  • Shape Sorter 7 of 16
    Shape Sorter

    We've had this toy for a while, and he's gone through various stages with it. First it was take the lid off and put stuff in. Then it was try to get shapes in and when frustrated, take lid off. Now, he'll actually sit and try for quite some time (and a good amount of success except for that stupid star). It's a small, inexpensive toy that will grow with them for quite a while.


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  • Melissa & Doug Wooden Puzzle 8 of 16
    Melissa & Doug puzzle

    This is a toy we bought for Eli (and he's getting another one for Chanukah) that he absolutely loves. It's obviously for an older baby, but can be played with as early as a year. Eli still sometimes needs help, but has been successfully removing the pieces and replacing them (sometimes with some help) for months now. Definitely money well spent.


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  • Duplo Book Set 9 of 16
    Lego Duplo Book Set

    So, the caveat here is that this is labeled for 18 months to age 4, that said, we've had this very set since Eli's first birthday and he's played with it constantly since then. The animals are adorable and easy to pull apart and eventually, when baby's dexterity improves, they're fun to build with as well. And until then, there's also a book to read as well!


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  • Baby Einstein Book Library 10 of 16
    Baby Einstein Library

    Eli received these adorable books for his 1st birthday 6 months ago, and since then he has been completely obsessed. Thanks to these tiny books, he can identify a number of animals, shapes, colors and sounds, and loves nothing more than to sit down and read them over and over again. They get played with literally every single day without fail.


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  • Toy Stroller 11 of 16
    Toy Stroller

    After being told not to get Eli a toy stroller, I gave it some thought and got it anyway. I know he's going to love pushing around his toys and walking with it, and from what I learned from writing about our decision on this, it sounds like he is far from the only baby/toddler who feels this way. There are a number of great strollers out there, we got ours at Target (not available online or I'd link you there), but this one fits the bill and is less than $15.


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  • The Belly Button Book 12 of 16
    The Belly Button Book

    Board books have always been a big hit around this house, but this one especially is an absolute favorite. Eli finds something about the "bee-boo" absolutely hilarious and every time we read it, we're all laughing. Everything Sandra Boynton writes is magic, but this is our favorite.


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  • Elmo Cup 13 of 16
    Elmo Cup

    This another one that Eli will be unwrapping this week (or next) and is going to be over the moon about it. In fact, he picked it out, he just doesn't know I bought it. I am a firm believer that holiday gifts don't have to be exclusively fun, but can also be functional, so an Elmo cup totally fits the bill here. And we always need more straw cups!


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  • Bubbles 14 of 16

    There are few better baby and toddler toys than a bottle of bubbles. We love to use them at bath time because they bounce and stick to the wet surfaces and are way more fun there. In our experience the Gymboree bubbles are by far the best, but you can get by with some off brand ones if you don't need bubble longevity. 


    Get these at Gymboree for $3.60

  • Squirty Bath Toys 15 of 16
    Squirty Bath Toys

    Eli has always liked toys in his bath, but lately his obsession with ones that squirt is at a high. He's getting a set of these for Chanukah and they're going to be beloved, trust me.


    Get these from Amazon for $6.50

  • Vibrating Teething Toy 16 of 16
    Vibrating Teething Toy

    While Eli *just* cut his last canine, this is still something we use pretty regularly. It was recommended to me first by an occupational therapist (who is a friend of mine) as a way to manage Eli's tendency to grind his teeth together because it helps provide the same input to the mouth. And it really helped put a stop to that almost instantaneously


    Get this gift from Amazon for $7.99

What are your favorite holiday toys that won’t break the budget?


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