15 Great Gifts for Baby's 1st Birthday

PicMonkey CollageAvery’s first birthday is less than a month away and I am busy trying to do everything I can to make her very first birthday as special as ever. Lately I’ve been spending so much time trying to figure out what I want to do for her birthday party, that I’ve had no time to think about her gifts.

A lot of our family and friends have asked what to get her for her birthday and I’ve given them the lame response of “I have absolutely no idea.” I forgot how hard it was to get gifts for someone who can’t tell me what she wants. Especially when I feel like she just got so much stuff for Christmas!

After a little bit of thinking and searching the internet, I’ve found 15 gifts that Avery would love to get for her first birthday!

  • Baby’s First iPhone 1 of 15
    Baby's First iPhone
    Avery is obsessed with my iPhone. Specifically she loves to try to chew on it. I've decided to give her her own iPhone. This wooden teething iPhone 5 is perfect for her. Maybe then she will stop trying to chew on mine!
    Get this from Etsy Shop 3Princesses Store, $12.00
  • TeePee 2 of 15
    I am a huge fan of the teepee craze that is going around. I would love to have this teepee in my living room for both girls to play in. They love playing with one another and it would be great for them to have their own little space together. This striped teepee from Bambinos and Bunny would go perfect in my living room!
    Get this from Bambinos and Bunny, $160.00
  • Sophie and Lili Custom Doll 3 of 15
    Sophie and Lili Custom Doll
    I absolutely love these dolls from Sophie and Lili and I know that Avery would love them too. They are completely customizable. I'd love to get one for Avery that has blonde hair and blue eyes just like she does!
    Get this from Sophie and Lili, $37.00
  • Alphabet Onesie 4 of 15
    Alphabet Onesie
    This alphabet onesie is just the cutest! I have several items from Hello Apparel and they are so incredibly comfortable. I'd love to give Avery some of that comfort and even let her learn the alphabet while at it!
    Get this from Hello Apparel, $18.00
  • Kitchen Set 5 of 15
    Kitchen Set
    We have a kitchen set at home that Harlan got for her first birthday, but it was very inexpensive and hasn't quite held up to all of it's use over the past two years. Although this is expensive, I know that I would get years out of it. Avery loves playing with the old kitchen that we have. I know she would love this upgraded version!
    Get this from Pottery Barn Kids, $399.00
  • First Shoes 6 of 15
    First Shoes
    Avery has three pairs of these moccasins from Freshly Picked. Now that she is walking, I have to put her in shoes all of the time. The leather that these shoes are made of is very sturdy and the color range is incredible. Soft soled shoes are recommended for early walkers and these are the perfect ones! I'd love to fill her closet with one of every color. She will definitely be getting a pair for her birthday!
    Get these from Freshly Picked, $60.00
  • Wooden Puzzle 7 of 15
    Wooden Puzzle
    Avery has a fascination with puzzles. Unfortunately most of the puzzles we have are a little bit too advanced for her because they belong to Harlan, who is 3 years old. For her birthday I'd love to get her a puzzle of her own. No, she won't be able to do it right away, but at least it will be closer to her age and easier for her to put together.I am a huge fan of Melissa and Doug puzzles. I especially love this house pets puzzle. The big knobs are perfect for helping her pick up the pieces.
    Get this from Melissa and Doug, $9.99
  • Eating Utensils 8 of 15
    Eating Utensils
    Once Avery turns one, I plan on feeding her a lot more table food so that I can slowly wean her off of baby food. I want to encourage independence and coordination. I think she deserves a place setting of her own at the dinner table. I love this mat and plate set from Skip Hop. It sticks to the table so that Avery can't knock it on the ground like she loves to do with regular plates. I also love that it comes with its own fork and spoon.
    Get this from Skip Hop, $20.00
  • Wooden Blocks 9 of 15
    Wooden Blocks
    We have a set of wooden blocks at home that Avery's loves to try to play with, but unfortunately Harlan loves to play with them too. I want to get Avery a set of her own that are the perfect size for her. This set from Skip Hop incorporates both letters and zoo animals. The bright colors and different shapes are sure to bring fun for Avery.
    Get these from Skip Hop, $25.00
  • Personalized First Birthday Book 10 of 15
    Personalized First Birthday Book
    Avery loves books. She could sit at her bookshelf and flip through every single one of her books if we had enough time. Books are such a great gift because they last for years and years. I love this personalized book for baby's first birthday. A great way to remember this big milestone.
    Get this from iSeeMe, $29.95
  • Growth Chart 11 of 15
    Growth Chart
    I have been documenting Avery's weight and height since she was born, but as she gets older she goes to the doctor less and less which makes it harder for me to get her height. I love this growth chart from Land of Nod that will help me document just how much Avery grows. I'd love to document her growth every six months!
    Get this from Land of Nod, $59.00
  • Puff the Magic Dragon Pull Toy 12 of 15
    Puff the Magic Dragon Pull Toy
    Puff the Magic Dragon was a favorite of mine when I was little. Now that Avery is walking she loves to bring toys with her everywhere. This pull toy brings a classic childhood favorite with a fun toy that she can bring with her everywhere.
    Get this from Giggle, $25.00
  • Savings Bond 13 of 15
    Savings Bond
    My grandparents would get me savings bonds as birthday and Christmas gifts when I was growing up. At the time I didn't think it was that exciting, but now that I am older, I appreciate it so much more. I would love to get this for Avery so that we can start thinking about her financial future. It's never too early to start!
    Get them in a variety of denominations from the US Treasury
  • Baby’s First Year Frame 14 of 15
    Baby's First Year Frame
    All of those photos that I've taken of Avery each month will be put to good use with this frame. It would go great in the girls room and right above Avery's crib. It will be great to look back on it years later when Avery's babyhood is just a memory.
    Get this from Pottery Barn Kids, $62.00
  • Silly Surfer Remote 15 of 15
    Silly Surfer Remote
    Another one of Avery's obsessions is the television remote. We have to hide them from her because she will do whatever she can to get her hands on them. This remote looks just like a real one and even lights up. The songs and sounds that it makes will keep Avery entertained. After getting her this, I'll no longer have to hide our real ones!
    Get this from One Step Ahead, $10/.47

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