15 Helpful Tips For Flying with Babies

15 helpful tips for flying with babies
Check out these tips for flying with babies.

The holidays are quickly approaching, which means it’s travel season!  It’s time to pack up your baby and take him or her on their first flight.

Are you ready for this? Fear not! You will make it. Thousands of parents fly each day with their babies and arrive safe, sound and somewhat sane. Don’t let an airplane flight put you into holiday overload!

As with all things babies, flying is just another adventure that will include crying, spit-up, poop and who knows what else.

To help ease the chaos with air travel and babies, check out these 15 helpful tips for flying with babies:

15 Helpful Tips For Flying with Babies

  • Pack Appropriately 1 of 15
    Pack Appropriately
    Figure out what you need ahead of time.

    Call a hotel to see if their is a crib available. If there is, I recommend bringing your own sheets and wipes to clean it.

    Are you going to buy diapers or formula while at your destination? If not, make sure to pack enough.

    Pack your carry on with items for the flight.
    Bring your babies favorite blanket and toy. Pack a snack. Load up your iPad or phone with your babies favorite movie.
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  • Be Early 2 of 15
    Be Early
    When traveling with a baby there are sure to be bumps along the way. It's fine, as long as you allow time for it!

    Leave early.

  • Check In Before You Leave for the Airport 3 of 15
    Check In Before You Leave for the Airport
    Now a days, you can typically check-in online 24 hours in advance.
  • Know Where You Are Going to Park 4 of 15
    Know Where You Are Going to Park

    This may sound silly, but remember that if you are parking outside of the airport and shuttling with a baby, it isn't quite as easy with the extra luggage and person.

    If you are using a taxi or car service, remember you will need to bring a car seat. Typically you will need to install the car seat - as it poses a liability to the car company.

  • Be Prepared for the Security Check 5 of 15
    Be Prepared for the Security Check
    Don't let the people who are running late and trying to get through the security line stress you out. Your baby's bags and items will need to go through the x-ray machine. This includes toys and blankets. Strollers, car seats and baby slings that fit - will also be required to go through an x-ray inspection. Any child-related equipment that does not fit through the x-ray machine, will be visually and physically inspected. You will be able to carry your baby through the metal detector. If you are wearing a sling, you maybe required to remove him or her. Check out the TSA's site for more information in regards to what they will check and allow on the airplane.
  • Change Your Baby’s Diaper Before Boarding 6 of 15
    Change Your Baby's Diaper Before Boarding
    While nothing can prevent a dirty diaper in flight - at least start the trip off with a dry diaper. Unfortunately, kids and their bowels have their own schedule!
  • Purchase any snacks or drinks before your flight 7 of 15
    Purchase any snacks or drinks before your flight
    <a href="" target="_blank"Airplane tap water is not considered safe to drink, especially for babies. With limited supplies of bottled water, it's best to bring on board your own.
  • Gate Check Your Stroller 8 of 15
    Gate Check Your Stroller

    Most airlines allow you to take your stroller all the way to the gate to check. This will give you your hands back while preparing for the upcoming flight! The gate agent will give you a gate-check tag for your stroller. Your stroller will be waiting for you when you get off the plane.

    Ask the gate when the latest time to gate check your stroller is. Typically you can keep your stroller until boarding.

  • Flight Delays Happen 9 of 15
    Flight Delays Happen
    Be prepared that your flight could be delayed. This means extra hours of travel time. If you are not on the plane, get your child out and let him or her move. If you are on the plane and a flight delay occurs, try not to sugar overload your child before lift off, it will only come back to haunt you later.
  • Take Off Tips 10 of 15
    Take Off Tips
    Since babies do not know how to clear their ears to reduce pressure during take off and landing, be prepared to help them with either a bottle, pacifier or by nursing. Babies often sleep well in flight with the white noise of the plane and motion. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case.
  • Babies Cry 11 of 15
    Babies Cry

    Yes, you've been on the plane with the screaming baby or babies. Now it maybe your turn.

    Be patient and ignore any stares or looks that you get. Do your best to calm your child down. Check for dirty diapers or if your baby is hungry, feed him.

  • Keep Baby Entertained 12 of 15
    Keep Baby Entertained

    Don't be embarrassed if you need to belt our your kids' favorite lullaby. If your kid stop crying to Notorious B.I.G., by all means, play that baby some Biggie!

    Pull out your phone and have your baby watch a movie. Make this as fun as as possible. it will be over soon!

  • Babies Noses Can Get Stuffy During Flights 13 of 15
    Babies Noses Can Get Stuffy During Flights
    Considering bringing either a syringe or saline drops to help your baby's most clear up.
  • Landing Tips 14 of 15
    Landing Tips
    The same tips as taking off, apply for landing. Remember there are certain rules during the landing process, so take care of any needs such as changing your baby before landing.
  • You Did It! Enjoy and Then Repeat 15 of 15
    You Did It! Enjoy and Then Repeat
    You've made it to your destination! Hurray! Now make the best of the trip. Create memories. Then re-read these tips for traveling with your baby before venturing back home on your return flight.

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