15 Hilariously Adorable Babies with Olympic Gold Medals in Their Future

Olympics baby
Gold-medal winner!

Even Michael Phelps had to start somewhere. It was probably the kiddie pool, but it got his career going nonetheless.

Olympics stars aren’t born, they’re made. Except for the fact that they literally had to be born at some point (but, you know, probably in the beginning).

Check out these 15 babies with gold medals in their future. How do we know? Take a look and you’ll get it too:



  • Future Olympic weightlifter 1 of 15
    Future Olympic weightlifter
    I want to pump you up.
  • Future Olympic gymnast 2 of 15
    Future Olympic gymnast
    Being this agile isn't as easy as it looks.
  • Future Olympic snowboarder 3 of 15
    Future Olympic snowboarder
    Shred it up!
    Wait, whaddya mean snowboarding is JUST a winter sport? Dude. It's a way of LIFE.
  • Future Michael Phelps 4 of 15
    Future Michael Phelps
    D'oh! Now I get it.
    These are the goggles for the summer games.
  • Future Olympic tennis player 5 of 15
    Future Olympic tennis player
    You. Me. Center court. Be there.
  • Future Olympian in rhythmic gymnastics 6 of 15
    Future Olympian in rhythmic gymnastics
    Up next: Ball and ribbon practice.
  • Future Olympic basketball player 7 of 15
    Future Olympic basketball player
    Big feet. Big attitude.
  • Future Olympic 100m IM’er 8 of 15
    Future Olympic 100m IM'er
    I'm coming for you, Michael Phelps. Look out: My butterfly is looking pretty good.
  • Future Olympic table tennis player 9 of 15
    Future Olympic table tennis player
    All that practice in Daddy's man cave will be worth gold one day. Gold, I tell you.
  • Future Olympic baseball pitcher 10 of 15
    Future Olympic baseball pitcher
    Reports of my steroid use have been greatly exaggerated.
  • Future Olympics boxer 11 of 15
    Future Olympics boxer
    Cover your ears. By the time I get in the ring, I'll have some teeth.
  • Future Olympic gymnast 12 of 15
    Future Olympic gymnast
    It's never too early to start stretching.
  • Future Olympics gymnastic team 13 of 15
    Future Olympics gymnastic team
    Start 'em young. Get 'em in shape.
  • Future Olympic soccer team 14 of 15
    Future Olympic soccer team
    Teammates for life.
  • Future Olympic protestor 15 of 15
    Future Olympic protestor
    Wait, what? There's no ball pit event at the Olympics?

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