15 Signs Your Baby Might Be Entering Toddlerhood

Avery is quickly approaching 18 months. That means that pretty soon she will be closer to turning two than she is to the age of one. She is surprising me everyday by just how much she is losing all of her baby qualities. She is really starting to embrace toddlerhood. Although she is the baby of the family, she is definitely showing me signs that she’s not a baby anymore. I think that i have to admit to myself that my little girl is officially entering toddlerhood. There’s no stopping her now!

Check out these 15 signs that your baby might actually be a toddler.

  • You Know You Have a Toddler When…… 1 of 16

    Your baby might not be a baby anymore if they do these things. 

  • Attempts to Climb Every Single Ladder at The Playground 2 of 16

    Playgrounds aren't just for a leisurely ride on the swing, now you actually have to keep a good eye on their every move while them attempt to climb on everything. 

  • Wants to do Everything by Herself and Won’t Let You Help 3 of 16

    Apparently I'm no help anymore because this girl wants to do everything on her own. 

  • Actually Tells You What She Wants Rather Than You Having to Guess 4 of 16

    We still use sign language to communicate, but more often than not Avery will tell me she wants water rather than giving me the drink sign. 

  • Knows Exactly What She’s Doing When She’s Delaying Bedtime 5 of 16

    Because early bedtimes are for babies. 

  • Will Actually Smile For The Camera When You Ask Her to 6 of 16

    Say, "Cheese!" It's so much easier to take a picture when she actually knows how to perform in front of the camera. 

  • Needs Alone Time 7 of 16

    Rather than being needy and wanting mommy all the time, sometimes you just want to be by yourself. 

  • Would Rather Walk Everywhere Than be in a Stroller 8 of 16

    Strollers are a thing of the past for the newfound independent girl. 

  • Knows The Proper Use For Shoes Rather Than Putting Them in Her Mouth 9 of 16

    Remember when every single thing you gave them automatically went in the mouth? Now they actually know the true use for those items. 

  • Finds Nooks And Crannies in The House to Hide in 10 of 16

    There is a new game in town that only toddlers want to play. Hide and seek anyone? 

  • Would Rather Use Utensils Than Her Hands to Eat 11 of 16

    Forks and spoons are no longer used as distractions to bang on the table while we wait for our meal. Now we can actually put them to good use by using them to eat our food. 

  • Loves Imaginative Play 12 of 16

    She will grab a bag and put it on her arm and yell, "bye!" as she walks to the door. Love to see her imagination grow. 

  • Knows All The Names to The Characters of Her Favorite Television Show 13 of 16

    You ask her who they are and she will tell you. This girl is obsessed. 

  • Can Successfully Take Off Her Own Diaper 14 of 16

    Because it's much more comfortable going naked anyway. 

  • Has an Attention Span Longer Than 10 Seconds 15 of 16

    I can actually sit her down for an activity and get things accomplished around the house while she does the activity. 

  • Attempts to Mimic Everything Older Kids do 16 of 16

    Big kids are cool. She just wants to be a big girl. 

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