15 Special Moments Between Sisters

One of the most incredible things to watch over this past year is the relationship that has grown between Avery and Harlan. As they get older, their relationship gets more and more exciting. It’s no longer this one sided relationship that has the big sister showing all of the love and affection. Now that Avery is entering the toddler stage, one of her favorite things to do is to play with and love on her sister.

The girls spend nearly all of their time together every single day. Avery gets upset when we have to drop Harlan off at school because she misses her big buddy. Harlan can’t wait for Avery to wake up in the morning just so she can see her smiling little face and start her day with her. It’s so precious to watch the love that these girls have for one another. Just seeing them interact with one another on a daily basis constantly amazes me and makes me feel so blessed to call myself their mother.

  • Sweet Special Moments 1 of 16
    Sweet Special Moments
    As they get older their bond becomes stronger. Click through for 15 special moments that I've caught between my two little girls.
  • Kisses 2 of 16
    Avery is still learning how to give kisses. She thought she would try one out on her big sis. Harlan loved every minute of those slobbery kisses from her little sister.
  • Toy Tutoring 3 of 16
    Toy Tutoring
    Avery was given this toy for Christmas and Harlan made sure to show her how each and every button or knob worked so that she could play with it.
  • In Deep Conversation 4 of 16
    In Deep Conversation
    I caught the girls in a deep conversation one morning and I thought it was the funniest thing. Avery was trying to get Harlan's toys and Harlan wanted to teach her just how she was supposed to play with them.
  • Selfies 5 of 16
    My toddler Harlan took this photo. I love that she wanted to get Avery in the shot so bad. It's probably a better picture of the both of them than I could have taken.
  • Lots of Laughs 6 of 16
    Lots of Laughs
    This was such a funny moment between these two. Harlan was making Avery laugh by dancing and twisting back and forth. Avery kept trying to imitate her while laughing. By the end of it both girls were laughing so hard they were rolling around on the floor.
  • Morning Views Together 7 of 16
    Morning Views Together
    This was how the girls spent each morning on our cruise. They loved just sitting with one another and staring at the water as they got ready to start their day.
  • Birthday Love 8 of 16
    Birthday Love
    This was the morning of Avery's first birthday. The very first thing Harlan did when she woke up was run over to Avery to wish her a happy birthday. It was the cutest thing that I have watched between them.
  • Birthday Party Laughs 9 of 16
    Birthday Party Laughs
    This was taken just before our guests arrived for Avery's first birthday party. Harlan was so great letting Avery had her time in the spotlight for her special day. Avery made it very clear that Harlan was and always will be her favorite party guest.
  • Sweet Sharing 10 of 16
    Sweet Sharing
    I sat the girls down and tried so many times to get the "perfect" shot of them both looking and smiling at the camera. Neither of them were having it. Instead they gave me this photo which I absolutely adore. Two seconds after this Avery handed her cake pop over to Harlan to give her a bite.
  • Bedtime Cuddles 11 of 16
    Bedtime Cuddles
    The girls got so many stuffed animals during our trip to Disney. They loved sitting in the bed watching the Disney channel with their Disney buddies. This was too cute not to snap a picture.
  • Sisterly Stroll 12 of 16
    Sisterly Stroll
    This is one of my all time favorite photos of the girls. The laughter and love shown on their face is so evident. Harlan grabbed Avery's hand and they just walked down the sidewalk together holding hands. It was such a sweet moment to witness.
  • Strawberry Sisters 13 of 16
    Strawberry Sisters
    We took a special trip to a strawberry farm while we were in Florida. The girls fell in love with this strawberry seat and wanted to sit in it the entire visit.
  • Morning Rides 14 of 16
    Morning Rides
    The girls took advantage of being in the suburbs while we were in Florida and went outside every single morning to play. Harlan loved this car, but she loved the joy that she got from pushing Avery in it even more.
  • Coming Together 15 of 16
    Coming Together
    Their newest game to play together is chase. Harlan is so much faster than Avery is and once she realizes she is out of Avery's eyesight she comes running back to Avery to give her a great big hug.
  • Dainty Dances 16 of 16
    Dainty Dances
    I caught the girls dancing with one another in the living room. Avery was cracking up as they twirled around the living room.

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