Technologies That Your Baby Will Never Use

Technologies your baby will never use
Here are 15 technologies that we use, but chances are your baby won’t!

The days of using oversized satellite cell phones and dial-up modems are non-existent. Life evolves, things change and technology advances. We now live in a world of smart phones and wireless internet. These little babies that we are raising will know nothing of these “things” that we use to connect. They will most likely be laughing at them as we do the CB radio and 8 tracks.

Check out this list compiled by Yahoo of technologies your baby will never use:

  • Wired Home Internet 1 of 8
    Wired Home Internet
    The ethernet cables is disappearing. Chances are, your baby will never understand wired internet.
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  • Dedicated Cameras and Camcorders 2 of 8
    Dedicated Cameras and Camcorders
    With the smartphone equipped with a nice camera and HD video - there will be no use for non-professionals to use a camera or camcorder.
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  • Landline Phones 3 of 8
    Landline Phones
    A phone in the home? Maybe if you have a VOIP line, but chances are your baby won't have a landline!
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  • The Mouse 4 of 8
    The Mouse
    The mouse will be replaced with touch. Do you use a mouse with your iPad? Didn't think so!
  • Remote Controls 5 of 8
    Remote Controls
    Lose the remote? No worries, your baby will be able to use him smart phone to control the TV, or better yet - voice gestures.
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  • Desktops 6 of 8
    The computers that you piece together will be non-existent for the average computer user. My husband refuses to give up his, he is old school like that. My baby? He will never own a desktop, he'll just admire his dad's old clunker.
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  • Fax Machines 7 of 8
    Fax Machines
    Oh the noise of the fax machine still annoys me. But not for long! These machines will be replaced by people finally learning how to use scanners and more companies will use online forms.
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  • Optical Discs 8 of 8
    Optical Discs
    Your baby may be passed down several of these dvds, cds and BLU-rays, but with the growing trend of digital and streaming media - chances are he won't be purchasing any optical discs.
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View the complete list at Yahoo.

What Other Things Do You See Being Obsolete When It Comes Time For Your Baby To Use?

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