15 Things to Pack When Traveling with a Baby!

Obviously, we can go a little crazy in terms of what to pack, but here are 15 things I’ve used when traveling/flying with my baby:

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1. 2 Extra Pair of Clothes: Depending on how many blowouts your baby is capable of, pack more. I once took my baby off the plane in just a onesie because she went through two sets on the flight.
2. 1 Extra Pair of Socks: Feeties get cold on the plane and little babes are so good at kicking these off!
3. Formula or Breastmilk: If you nurse, pump a bottle or two beforehand for take off and landing since baby might be too distracted to nurse. If you have formula babes, have 1 bottle ready and another filled with water for later.
4. Anti-Bacterial Travel-Size Wipes: Everything in the airport is disgusting -especially those tray tables!
5. Travel Wipes: Pack as many as will fit!
6. Pacifier Wipes: At first, I thought this was silly, but with the amount of times the pacifier dropped, I’m happy I have them. (Or, you can always bring a pacifier clip and attach it to baby.)
7. Diapers: Bring double what you think.
8. Burp Cloth: I just use Gerber diapers for burp cloths.
9. Disposable Changing Pads: These are a lifesaver! I even cut one and put it inside the diaper stretching along my baby’s back for her timely 11am explosion that I knew would happen on the plane. So glad I did this. I pack 3 and use them to paper the airplane toilet seat cover so her body never touches all the gross germs. You can find them here.10. Onesies: As many outfits as you bring.
11. Pacifier Case: You can use a plastic bag, but I love the case that came with Tommee Tippee pacifiers (even though Evie now uses Nuk)
12. 4 Pacifiers: You can get away with fewer if using pacifier wipes or a pacifier clip.
13. Sophie The Giraffe: Or any other toy(s) your baby loves. My baby loves her Sophie. Oh! And don’t forget his/her favorite blankie!
14. Bottles: I usually use glass bottles, but opt for plastic when traveling for weight and safety.
15. Birth Certificate: Don’t forget this when flying! Most airlines will check for it.

All of this fits into my favorite, light-weight bag that I use for a diaper bag.

// Do you pack things not on this list?  Please leave a comment and let us know what works for you and your baby!

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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