16 Adorable Photos From Grayson’s Photo Shoot With Photographer Kim Flores

Baltimore Baby Photographer Kim Flores (8)It’s hard to believe when we did this shoot three months had already flown by. The last time we were in the studio of Kim Flores, it was for Grayson’s well-known newborn shoot. I was shocked to see how many times it was pinned on Pinterest! But I wasn’t too┬ásurprised, because Kim does amazing work. It was a pleasure to have her capture another milestone. After all, she is a the number one photographer in the Baltimore area, and it is always such an honor to call her my best friend.

We planned this shoot way back when Grayson was a newborn, so I was already looking forward to it! I love having beautiful photos that capture Grayson growing up. Kids grow so quickly, so having the moments framed in my home make it extra special. I am so excited to share my favorites with you and hope they inspire your next photo session!

Hasn’t Grayson’s changed in the last three months?

  • How Long Did It Take To Capture This Shot? 1 of 16
    How Long Did It Take To Capture This Shot?
    10 minutes. Okay, maybe 15. Kim has some kind of special touch that gets babies to sleep without pacifiers to capture a moment like this.
  • Working the Camera 2 of 16
    Working the Camera
    He was babbling away to use when we first started! Looks like we have another little ham when it comes to picture taking!
  • Oh-So-Cute Onesie 3 of 16
    Oh-So-Cute Onesie
    Sometimes the easiest prop is a cute onesie like this plaid vest!
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  • Mr. Serious 4 of 16
    Mr. Serious
    Sometimes getting a three-month-old to smile is quite the job!
    Get an adorable suspender and bow tie set like the one we used from The Snappy Sapling for $27.95
  • Sweet Baby Cheeks 5 of 16
    Sweet Baby Cheeks
    I loved this adorable knitted hat Kim threw on Grayson. The simplicity of the wrap is great for photos.
  • Get Creative With Props 6 of 16
    Get Creative With Props
    I loved this bowtie but it has a safety pin back and we wanted to use it here so we just propped it up! Getting creative with your props makes for the perfect photo!
    Ge this bowtie is part of the adorable suspender and bow tie set we used from The Snappy Sapling for $27.95
  • Color Coordinating 7 of 16
    Color Coordinating
    I love how this gray background works so well with his outfit -- we didn't even plan that!
  • Baby Blues 8 of 16
    Baby Blues
    Bright eyes! Out of my 5 littles, only 2 have bright blue eyes like this. So cute!
  • Look At Those Feet 9 of 16
    Look At Those Feet
    Kim is such a master when it comes to putting those hands and feet in the perfect position. I really don't know how she does it.
  • So Big! 10 of 16
    So Big!
    Time flies when you're having fun right?
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  • Tired Out 11 of 16
    Tired Out
    He slept through the last portion which worked out well. It is hard being cute!
  • Flirting 12 of 16
    And blowing raspberries at Aunt Kim!
  • Oh, What It Took To Get Him To Smile 13 of 16
    Oh, What It Took To Get Him To Smile
    Me and Kim stood above him while I talked it my most annoying baby voice ever and looked like a complete idiot. But hey - we got smiles!
  • Smiles 14 of 16
    Lots of them!
  • Sweet Baby 15 of 16
    Sweet Baby
    I just love my Grayson!
  • One of My Favorites 16 of 16
    One of My Favorites
    One of my favorite outfits was this sweater romper. I couldn't wait to try it on him. Adorable!
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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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