16 Bizarre Christmas Ornaments From Etsy

In my quest for the perfect “Baby’s 1st Christmas” ornament on Etsy (see my last post, 10 Adorable, Modern Baby’s 1st Christmas Ornaments), I came across some real doozies that I just have to share. All of these artists get bonus points for originality, that’s for sure. Some were so odd, I was even tempted to buy them.

Check out these super weird Christmas ornaments, and let me know your favorite!

  • It’s a Gold-Dipped Packing Peanut 1 of 16

    Why do I love this so? I just really do. It's pretty, yet it's a packing peanut. I was wondering where they had all gone...

    Purchase at Etsy, $13.00

  • When Grandma Took That Craft Class At the Seashore 2 of 16

    What. Is. Going. On. Is that plastic holly? And an elf? With some gold thread hot-glued around the edge of a seashell? AWESOME.

    Purchase at Etsy, $14.99

  • Behold, Saint Reagan 3 of 16

    You know what's missing from your Christmas tree? Why, it's Ronald Reagan, of course. "Made of Porcelain you can order enough to cover your entire, Republican tree if you'd like."

    Purchase at Etsy, $25.00

  • Sasquatch Santa. Enough Said. 4 of 16

    Lest you think this is already sold out, fear not — there are original works that the artist will make to order. It's about time someone started merging mythical beings.

    Purchase at Etsy, $27.00

  • Do You Like Moose Poop On Your Tree? 5 of 16

    Real moose doo-doo all for you. And as if a moose poop ornament wasn't enough, it's fashioned into a pink rhinestone and brass butterfly wreath. I think this one needs its own TED Talk.

    Purchase at Etsy, $36.99

  • Don’t Forget The Christmas Roach 6 of 16

    Was 2013 was the year of vermin at your house? No judgment. Hell, I'm from a town named Palmetto, but I still can't go there. Maybe you know someone who could? 

    Purchase at Etsy, $10.95

  • Crabby Santa 7 of 16

    What's up with all of the ocean themes? I'm not sure, but this isn't the white Christmas I was dreaming of. Also, is Santa in his pajamas? 

    Purchase at Etsy, $18.95

  • The Day The GingerBread Man Lost His Innocence 8 of 16

    Pushing the boundaries of creepy is this Jason (from the horror film Friday the 13th) gingerbread man. Bizarre indeed. Very, very bizarre.

    Purchase at Etsy, $20.00 

  • Don’t Make Them Scream 9 of 16

    Add a little Edvard Munch expressionism to your tree this year. Made of felt and embroidered needlecraft, these miniature dolls are classic.

    Purchase at Etsy, $30.00

  • Upcycled Doll Ornament 10 of 16

    This ornament wins the prize for most eccentric. I'm not quite sure how it was made; I'd love to see it up close. The doll face looks as though she's submerged in water. It looks vintage already!

    Purchase at Etsy, $7.50

  • Narwhal Ornament 11 of 16

    I repeat. It's a Narwhal ... in silver. Need I say more?

    Purchase at Etsy, $15.00

  • "Can Be Made Bacon Scented" 12 of 16

    Cute bacon ornament. Not even that bizarre, until you read that it "can be made bacon scented." What? I'm tempted to order one just to smell it!

  • A Face Only Santa Could Love 13 of 16

    These handmade elves freak me out a little. I'm pretty sure I couldn't have one on my tree without getting creeped out at night. At least their eyes are closed!

    Purchase at Etsy, $25.00

  • It’s Really Okra 14 of 16

    Dried out okra is the new Christmas ornament. Maybe? If you agree, now's your chance.

    Purchase at Etsy, $12.50

  • Christmas Pasta 15 of 16

    Yet another first for me. Ravioli as a Christmas ornament. Why not put the whole fridge on the tree?

    Purchase at Etsy, $9.00

  • Baby’s FootPrint Snowman 16 of 16

    I think it's the toes at the bottom of the snowman that make this ornament so bizarre. Or perhaps the arms? Or the outline?

    Purchase at Etsy, $31.89

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