17 Photos of Grayson’s First Easter

On Easter Sunday we spent the day at my Grandmother’s house as we celebrated a fun-filled holiday with family, as well as Grayson’s first Easter. My Grandma is 76 years young and well, she is quite the hostess. Just wait until you see her table. I just love her so much and feel so blessed to be able to have her in my life. Grayson and my girls just get so excited to see “Mama” so naturally everyone was counting down to Easter. Not just because of the Easter bunny, but because we were going to her house. Grayson was all smiles even though he was battling a double ear infection. You would never know he was under the weather. He was so content. Trying a few teenie tiny bits of ice cream and blueberry pie off Daddy’s plate and trying new foods like mashed potatoes. Grayson was so happy that he fell asleep on the floor on his blanket while a Duck Dynasty marathon played in the background. We are big Duck Dynasty fans around here. 

We did miss my Mom and Dad though. This was the first holiday my parents were away. They went to Connecticut for a weekend get-a-way and they surely were missed but it still was such a wonderful day celebrating family and memories made on Grayson’s first Easter. I captured plenty of sweet moments with my iPhone and realized, I really need to start using my DSLR camera a little more to capture these special moments.

How did you spend Easter this year? 

  • Grayson’s First Easter 1 of 18
    Grayson's First Easter
    Click through 17 photos of how we celebrated Grayson's first Easter with our family.
  • Easter Chaos 2 of 18
    Easter Chaos
    This is what making Easter baskets at 1AM for five kids looks like.
  • Candy Fun 3 of 18
    Candy Fun
    Oh ya know - just opening all my candy at once. Of course Sadie had to open and try half of her basket in .8 seconds.
  • Grayson’s 1st Easter Basket 4 of 18
    Grayson's 1st Easter Basket
    I love that I can use this adorable felt bucket in his room.
  • Can I just eat the Easter grass? 5 of 18
    Can I just eat the Easter grass?
    Grayson loved trying to grab the basket filling. Forget the toys!
  • Happy Little Man 6 of 18
    Happy Little Man
    This boy is always so happy. I just love him and his cute little fedora.
  • Appetizer Spread 7 of 18
    Appetizer Spread
    Upon arriving to Mama's house she had everything set-up for us. She is seriously better than Martha Stewart.
  • Feed Me 8 of 18
    Feed Me
    Hey!!! I am ready to eat over here.
  • Auntie Love 9 of 18
    Auntie Love
    Grayson loves his Aunt Katie!!!
  • Oh, THIS Table 10 of 18
    Oh, THIS Table
    See? I told you. A wonderful hostess. Just four years shy of 80 years old and she puts together a beautiful table.
  • Mom, I Am Trying To Eat 11 of 18
    Mom, I Am Trying To Eat
    Please, no photos. Kennadi is not a fan of getting her photo snapped. Clearly.
  • Oh, My Heart 12 of 18
    Oh, My Heart
    And his smiles. I just love my little man so much.
  • Little Miss M 13 of 18
    Little Miss M
    She was so excited to be drinking out of "fancy" glasses.
  • Just Hanging Out 14 of 18
    Just Hanging Out
    Grayson's sisters always make sure he is surrounded with plenty of toys.
  • Sibling Love 15 of 18
    Sibling Love
    Sadie can't get enough of her little brother.
  • Belly Laughing 16 of 18
    Belly Laughing
    Either can Kennadi! They just love to make him smile and I think the feeling is mutual.
  • Happy Place 17 of 18
    Happy Place
    Mama surrounded by some of her grandchildren during Easter dinner.
  • Happy Easter! 18 of 18
    Happy Easter!
    From my family to yours! I hope you all had a blessed holiday with family and friends!


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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