17 Sweet Sisterly Moments

There are so many special moments that I catch between the girls, but some of the best and most genuine is when I peek in on them when they aren’t looking. It’s a chance for me to see their relationship for what it really is; a loving and sweet bond that no one will ever be able to compete with. Not even me, their own mother.

They hug one another, kiss each other, and help each other out when they need it most. All of this is done without my asking and all based on their instinct and love for one another. It’s an incredible bond that I am fortunate to watch grow every single day. I could sit for hours and watch them interact with one another. It’s the best kind of people watching that I’ve ever experienced. Watching a relationship blossom and become something so beautiful and unique is truly inspiring.

Take a look at some of the sweetest moments I’ve caught between my girls.

  • Sister Love 1 of 18

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  • Slumber Party 2 of 18

    Both girls worked together to get every stuffed animal and nearly every single toy out of their room and bring them into our family room so that they could have a slumber party. Harlan had activities planned and everything for them. My family room was a mess, but it didn't matter because they were spending precious time together. 

  • Lunch Thief 3 of 18

    I caught Avery trying to take Harlan's lunch from her plate when she wasn't looking. It was so funny and a "little sister fights back situation." Avery was so sneaky that Harlan had absolutely no idea what was happening. I couldn't help but chuckle at her sneakiness. 

  • Hugs 4 of 18
    photo 2

    This hug caught Harlan so off guard that she just started laughing. My heart just started melting. Avery is so sweet and affectionate with Harlan, I hope she is that way forever.

  • Morning Sister Time 5 of 18

    I caught the girls in their room together cuddling up on one another playing a game on the iPad. Harlan even set up a pillow and everything for Avery and was teaching her how to play the game. I love that they get along so well. 

  • Summer Fun 6 of 18

    We made it to the park one afternoon and it was so hot outside that we decided to get some popsicles on the way back. It's very rare that I can get a shot of them both smiling at the same time. A definite keeper.

  • All Done 7 of 18

    The girls have learned to work together and work against me. The second that I put their lunch in front of them, they looked at one another and started doing the "all done" sign. They started laughing at the joke and I laughed with them. It was so funny that they worked together to play a joke on me. 

  • Laundry Day 8 of 18

    It's a rarity, but sometimes I will take the girls downstairs with me to do our laundry. Both girls teamed up to help me get the laundry out of the washer. Avery tried so desperately to do exactly what Harlan was doing but just wasn't tall enough. It was so cute to see her try. 

  • Doll House Fun 9 of 18

    After getting the girls ready for church, I went to go get ready myself. I walked back into their room playing together so nicely with their doll house. Harlan was doing role play and everything. It was such a perfect moment between both of them.

  • Take Me For a Ride 10 of 18

    When we were at my parents house in Florida, both girls were obsessed with this car. Avery would get in and Harlan would push her around the house. They both laughed as they strolled around. It's times like this that I wish we had a bigger space for outdoor toys for them.

  • Reading Time 11 of 18

    Avery is really into books lately. Usually she brings them to me to read her. This morning she got a book from her room and brought it to Harlan to read. Rather than telling her she didn't know how, Harlan had Avery sit in her lap and started to read to her. Probably one of the most special moments I've experienced between the two of them.

  • Kisses 12 of 18

    Because unsolicited kisses from your little sister are just about the sweetest thing ever.

  • Slide Buddies 13 of 18

    Avery will only go down the slide with Harlan. The expression on their faces in this picture are so great. 

  • Dance Away 14 of 18
    photo 2-1

    Dancing together is probably one of their favorite things to do. Anytime the hear music, Harlan grabs Avery's hands and they dance. 

  • Plane Buddies 15 of 18

    I was on a plane with both girls by myself. It was nearing bedtime for both of them and they insisted on sharing the seat so that they could cuddle on one another. They love being so close together almost all the time.

  • Let’s Take a Walk 16 of 18

    We had just left the playground together and I didn't bring my stroller with me. Avery was so jealous that Harlan was walking and she had to be held. So she wiggled her way out of my arms and started walking on the sidewalk. Harlan grabbed her hand and they started walking back to our apartment hand in hand. It was such a picture perfect moment.

  • Let’s Go 17 of 18
    photo 2-2

    Because big sisters are supposed to push around their little sisters everywhere. Avery had a blast with this.

  • Teeth Brushers 18 of 18
    photo 4

    Not only did Avery insist on brushing her teeth because Harlan was, but they both insisted on coming over to me to brush them together. If one is doing it, the other has to follow suit.

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