19 Cute and Funny Easter Baby Photos

It’s almost Easter! I am so excited to be celebrating Grayson’s first Easter this year. I wrote all about what I planned to put inside his Easter basket and can’t wait to put him in his special outfit. I am sure many of you are celebrating a first Easter too! Of course with Easter comes along those memorable moments meeting the Easter bunny or the first Easter egg hunt. It is most likely filled with laughs and cries — usually during those forceful family photos. But there are plenty of awwww moments during this special holiday.

I reached out to the Babble community to give you a little smile today on Good Friday as you prepare for the Easter weekend ahead!

  • 19 Adorable, Cute and Funny Easter Baby Photos 1 of 20
    19 Adorable, Cute and Funny Easter Baby Photos
    Click through 18 photos that will make you smile and laugh as we kick-off the Easter weekend!
  • Baby’s 1st Easter 2 of 20
    Baby's 1st Easter
    Could Carter be any cuter? This is a perfect first Easter photo with the Easter bunny. Looks like he loved him!
    Thanks to Babble reader Sam for sharing!
  • So Happy! 3 of 20
    So Happy!
    Meet Lainey who at 7 months old is all smiles when meeting the Easter bunny. Too cute!
    Thanks to Babble reader Stephanie for sharing this photo! 
  • Handsome Little Guy 4 of 20
    Handsome Little Guy
    You know I love a bowtie! How handsome is this sweet boy! And the Easter bunny -- he isn't looking to shabby himself!
    Thanks to Babble reader Amy for sharing!
  • Silly Sadie 5 of 20
    Silly Sadie
    It's hard to believe Sadie is almost two now. This was taken last year and she was still such a baby. This picture still makes me laugh!
  • Easter Bunny’s Helper 6 of 20
    Easter Bunny's Helper
    Such a sweet moment! Liam looks like he is so excited to meet the Easter bunny he has decided to help him along the way.
    Thanks to Tori Spelling for sharing this photo with me!
  • Oh, Kennadi 7 of 20
    Oh, Kennadi
    She isn't a big fan of pictures as you can see but -- I just had to snap a picture of her Easter dress at church.
  • Someone Looks Excited! 8 of 20
    Someone Looks Excited!
    It doesn't always have to be tears with the Easter bunny! Someone looks very happy to be meeting him. What a happy face!
    Thanks to Babble reader Julie for sharing!
  • Family Affair 9 of 20
    Family Affair
    Baby's 1st Easter is always a family affair filled with great memories. Isn't Reese the cutest!
    Thanks to Babble reader Allie for sharing!
  • Laugh Out Loud Funny 10 of 20
    Laugh Out Loud Funny
    How cute is Lilah! She doesn't look she is sold on this whole Easter bunny thing. What an adorable and funny photo!
    Thanks to Babble reader Kristin for sharing!
  • Easter Egg Hunt 11 of 20
    Easter Egg Hunt
    Nothing like your little one's first Easter egg hunt. She looks pretty excited!
    Thanks to Babble reader Gina for sharing!
  • The Perfect Portrait 12 of 20
    The Perfect Portrait
    This is just precious! It looks like they are totally opposites. Baby is passed out while sister is shedding tears.
    Image courtesy of Monica of The Girl Who
  • Not So Happy 13 of 20
    Not So Happy
    But still cute! Poor little Riley looks like she is scared to death but at least she will laugh about it when she is older!
    Thanks to Babble reader Kristin for sharing!
  • Hello Cuteness 14 of 20
    Hello Cuteness
    From the bunny ears, to that dress, to the bunnies and that sweet face. This is one adorable Easter portrait!
    Thanks to Babble reader Katie for sharing!
  • Yay for the Easter Basket 15 of 20
    Yay for the Easter Basket
    I don't think I have ever seen a baby so excited over their Easter basket. Such a sweet moment!
    Thanks to Babble reader Vicky for sharing!
  • Best of Both Worlds 16 of 20
    Best of Both Worlds
    Two brothers with different feelings about the Easter bunny! Looks like someone isn't his biggest fan after all.
    Thanks to Babble reader Jill for sharing!
  • Happy Faces 17 of 20
    Happy Faces
    Oh my! I just can't get over these sweet, adorable and such happy faces!
    Image courtesy of Casey of The Wiegands
  • Straight to the Goods 18 of 20
    Straight to the Goods
    Looks like someone just has her cute little eye set on one thing -- the candy eggs!
    Thanks to Babble reader Vicky for sharing!
  • Ummm Mom? 19 of 20
    Ummm Mom?
    I am not quite sure what to do with these!
    Thanks to Babble reader Allie for sharing!
  • These Twins Aren’t Having It 20 of 20
    These Twins Aren't Having It
    I just don't think there are any words for this one, Happy Easter!
    Image via Melissa of The Inspired Room 
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