18 Etsy Craft-Tastrophes for Baby

Peanut the Pug Stuffed Baby Toy

Etsy can be a magical place of creativity and inspiration that can suck your Paypal account dry with the marvelous textures, talent and handmade items available for purchase. Vivi’s entire nursery was inspired by Etsy and I constantly find new and amazing things for everyone in my life in the farthest corners of the online handmade market.

While talent abounds on Etsy, taste is sometimes…negotiable. But that’s the beauty right? Where else are you going to find a hand knit placenta or a fused glass uterus pendant? The truth is these sellers are selling it because some buyer is buying it. What follows are 18 unique and sometimes ridiculous finds on etsy for your baby.

  • Heart Cherry Wood Baby Rattle 1 of 18
    Heart Cherry Wood Baby Rattle
    I mean, you see it right? The most inappropriate item to have "wood" in the title.
    Photo credit: All About Cherry Wood
  • Fruffly Baby Leg Warmers 2 of 18
    Fruffly Baby Leg Warmers
    Now your baby can have Big Bird legs!
    Photo credit: Pink Giraffe Bowtique
  • Rainbow Leg Warmers 3 of 18
    Rainbow Leg Warmers
    So there's nothing wrong with the legwarmers, but the photo creeps me out to the extent that I don't want these leg warmers on my kid.
    Photo credit: Knotty Baby Wear
  • Soft Tree Rattle 4 of 18
    Soft Tree Rattle
    You saw Beetlejuice (right?) where the chair attacks the mom and makes her sing Day-O?
    Photo credit: Kya and Kin
  • Stuffed Eyeball Rattle 5 of 18
    Stuffed Eyeball Rattle
    Nothing says "Love you baby!" like a jingly knit eyeball with the optic nerve still attached!
    Photo credit: Handmade Monster
  • Psalm Onesie 6 of 18
    Psalm Onesie
    I'm all about Creationism, but not blatant Bible Onesie-ism.
    Photo credit: Little Patriot
  • Unicorn Sock Baby Doll 7 of 18
    Unicorn Sock Baby Doll
    I mean, it's cute. But, lovable? I don't know...those eyes...I think they can see my soul.
    Photo credit: Lua 76
  • Gothic Baby Bib 8 of 18
    Gothic Baby Bib
    Hardcore skulls, now with Ric Rac!
    Photo credit: Ms Maple Mae
  • Mini Mario Mustache Pacifier 9 of 18
    Mini Mario Mustache Pacifier
    I can't not smile at this, but the baby looks like he's been betrayed, no?
    Photo credit: Piquant Designs
  • Green Goddess Tutu 10 of 18
    Green Goddess Tutu
    This is...COUTURE! This is wearable baby art! Wait, what is this anyway?
    Photo credit: Dara 43
  • New Orleans Saints Diaper Cover 11 of 18
    New Orleans Saints Diaper Cover
    Congratulations, you won the SuPOOperbowl!
    Photo credit: Tookie Tots
  • Baby Bling Pacifier 12 of 18
    Baby Bling Pacifier
    Save your $15, buy a regular pacifier and give your baby some Polly Pocket shoes to swallow instead of super glued rhinestones.
    Photo credit: Mimi and Lolas
  • Peacock Costume 13 of 18
    Peacock Costume
    Babies drool SO MUCH. Covering them in $65 worth of feathers just seems futile.
    Photo credit: Lemondrops and PolkaDots
  • Peanut the Pug Stuffy. 14 of 18
    Peanut the Pug Stuffy.
    Mom? The baby's staring at me again.
    Photo credit: flemmimac
  • Tigger Diaper Wreath 15 of 18
    Tigger Diaper Wreath
    From the listing — "Baby poo, ewww! Why not give Baby Pooh!" And here I thought $44 worth of denim diapers couldn't be sillier.
    Photo credit: Custom Baby Gift
  • Sports Crib Sheet 16 of 18
    Sports Crib Sheet
    With Peyton Manning out for the season I'll bet she's getting a lot of orders out of Indy.
    Photo credit: MiaTortilla
  • Baby Top Hat 17 of 18
    Baby Top Hat
    If I were to put this on my baby it would be impossible not to call her Lady Berkshire Potty Pants in a cockney accent and subject her to tiny performances of the Can-Can.
    Photo credit: Tiny Toes Ribbons n Bows
  • Lace Pettiromper with Flower 18 of 18
    Lace Pettiromper with Flower
    I don't like the pettiromper craze. I also don't like the enormous flowers on babies craze. Guess how I feel about this culmination of fruffles and flowers?
    Photo credit: Baby J Couture

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Photo Credit: flemmimac

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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