18 Ideas for a Comic Book-Themed Nursery

All budding crime fighters need a place to call their own. Click through for 18 comic book-themed nursery ideas fit for your little superhero!

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Some superheroes have a fancy cave to hideout in while others seek respite in isolated ice caverns. Your baby's homebase is the nursery and what better way to channel greatness than comic book themed decor? I've rounded up 18 great finds to help you decorate your superhero's liar.
Comic Book Style Birth Information 2 of 19
Turn your baby's birth stats into a story with this comic book styled wall art print from BraggingWrites on Etsy!
Custom Comic Book Letter 3 of 19
HayleysPaperLove on Etsy makes custom letters covered with your favorite comic! Available in 8 or 12 inch sizes.
Comic Book Boppy Cover 4 of 19
Rock that nursing pillow with a comic book style Boppy cover from BixbyBasil on Etsy. super babies have super mamas, too!
Comic Book Crib Set 5 of 19
Pull the whole room together with a comic book crib set! This Marvel comics set is available from BabyManna on Etsy as well as matching curtains. Have your eye on a different fabric? Contact them about a custom order.
Superhero Crib Mobile 6 of 19
Baby will love gazing up at a handmade superhero mobile from WhooosTheCutest on Etsy. Add baby's initial to personalize it.
Superhero Curtain Tiebacks 7 of 19
Are those baby's superhero masks cleverly disguised as curtain tiebacks? We'll never tell for one's identity must be protected in the hero business. These cute superhero curtain tieback masks are available in red or blue at lilibugcreations on Etsy.
Baby Superhero Wooden Blocks 8 of 19
These baby superhero blocks are incredibly cute! Start teaching baby superheroes and their corresponding symbols early. A set of five or 10 wooden blocks from MiaBooo on Etsy double as a toy and decoration. Blocks are hand cut with sanded edges and images are coated with a safe, non-toxic sealer.
Superhero Stacked Blocks 9 of 19
Pow! Zap! Boom! This decorative stacked wooden block set is available at GiftsbyGaby on Etsy. Each block is cut, sanded and hand painted.
Thor Comic Book Hanger 10 of 19
Baby needs somewhere to hang their super suit while they are off duty. These comic book covered hangers created by Moonlight Decorator on Etsy are perfect for the job! Thor is featured here, but they have an assortment of comic books you can choose from for a custom order.
A is for Aquaman 11 of 19
Teach baby the superhero alphabet with these adorable prints by Matylda Biedron. She envisioned each character as a baby then drew them to share with others.
Custom Superhero Icon Decoration 12 of 19
Inspire your budding superhero with a custom superhero icon by SpottedFlats on Etsy. Each icon is hand cut using old comic books and framed. I really like this Wonder Woman one!
Skyline Wall Decal 13 of 19
Set the stage with this skyline wall decal from Tweet Heart Wall Art on Etsy. Personalize it with two initials in the light beams. Skyline decals are available in two different sizes. They offer other superhero themed vinyl wall decals as well.
Personalized Superhero Night Light 14 of 19
For the nights when the city and baby sleeps, get a personalized night light like this Green Lantern one. Names are engraved on your choice of design--custom designs are welcome! Each light has a day/night sensor and the LED bulb keeps it cool to the touch. Available from UniqueLEDProducts on Etsy.
3D Marvel Wall Lights 15 of 19
These 3D Marvel lights make it look like they were lodged in the wall with superhuman strength. I like Thor's hammer and Captain America's shield the most, but you can also get Hulk's hand and Iron Man's head and hand busting through the wall. These are available at Target.
Comic Book Superhero Wall Decal 16 of 19
This custom wall decal from UrbanTickle on Etsy adds comic book flair to the wall of your nursery. Add baby's name and initial with comic book style bursts and lightening bolts. While reusable, this is not a vinyl wall decal. These are made out of a durable cloth material so they won't curl.
Comic Book Covered Ceiling Fan Blades 17 of 19
Your nursery will be the coolest with a set of comic covered ceiling fan blades! FanFavoriteCreations on Etsy creates these custom blades using characters from Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse comics.
Superhero Fabric Bin 18 of 19
Organizational skills are a special superpower. Thankfully it can be taught! Make keeping the nursery neat and tidy fun with superhero designed fabric bins by ToadandLily on Etsy.
Spiderman Toy Box 19 of 19
Your little one needs somewhere to keep his toys hidden away from super villains. This Spiderman toy box made by Delta is available at Target online. Hopefully it helps baby develop a toy-picking-up sense too.
Article Posted 3 years Ago

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