1st Bites: Avocado Banana

Burly Daddy & Sweet Baby

I’ve been remiss to share Lil’ Abner’s menu with y’all as of late. We’re talking fine cuisine here folks. Remember when pomp restaurants were plating pureed nonsense and deeming it gold? Blech.

However. I would pluck a sprig of mint in this, garnish it with raspberry coulis and expedite the heck out of that business. If I were sill in the hospitality industry. But I’m not.

Perhaps, even still, if Abby gave a damn about that sort of thing. But she doesn’t. All she cares about is how fast she can gobble up the delicious blend of avocado and banana. Her first bites after the jump!

  • Simple 1 of 5
    Making baby food is not hard I tells ya. That's just your mind playing tricks on you. Especially when it's food you don't have to cook. Bananas and avocados? Easiest, most yummiest combo ever. Just ask me (the easy part). Or Abby (the yummo part). Bust out the hand-blender and some mama's milk or formula and have at it.
  • More Interested In Me… 2 of 5
    More Interested In Me...
    And the camera, than her food. For but a moment. Until such sweet nectar she never even knew existed, touches her lips.
  • Learning The Art of Multi-tasking 3 of 5
    Learning The Art of Multi-tasking
    Still all about the camera, and also the food.
  • Best Breakfast Ever 4 of 5
    Best Breakfast Ever
    Until she meets pancakes of course. And bacon.
  • For Now, She’s My Baby 5 of 5
    For Now, She's My Baby
    Who's vaccuming up mashed up food with a chubby-cheeked vengeance.

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