2-Month-Old With More Hair Accessories Than Me!

To say I have become obsessed with hats, headbands, and hair clips for my daughter would be an understatement.

When my boys were younger, hats were the thing. They always have had a ton of winter hats, baseball caps, and any other accessory I could get away getting on them without gasps of horror from the general public.

But knowing this time around I could get away with hairbands and accessories I would normally wear in my own hair, or ones similar to what my mother used when I was a child was a huge score.

I think my favorite place to buy them is Etsy though… There are just so many stores that have so many adorable pieces.  It is so hard to actually go shopping there on a budget! Alas, my husband would kill me if I spent as much as I want to on baby headbands.  No, I am serious!

Where do you buy your infant hair accessories?
What Etsy Stores are your favorite?

  • 1 – The Children’s Place 1 of 7
    1 - The Children's Place
    I actually got this one as a baby shower gift from The Children's Place, one of my favorite places to shop for the kids!
  • 2 – Handmade! 2 of 7
    2 - Handmade!
    I actually made all of these hair clips my own. (Tutorial coming soon!)
  • 3 – Red Hen Studios 3 of 7
    3 - Red Hen Studios
    My good friend Julie actually makes these in her spare time. Some she sells in her Etsy store.
    Red Hen Studios
  • 4 – The Children’s Place 4 of 7
    4 - The Children's Place
    Another great find from The Children's place but in the form of a beach hat this time around...
  • 5 – Baby K Designs 5 of 7
    5 - Baby K Designs
    By far my favorite Etsy Store thus far. I don't think I could live without her flower headbands and hats! Baby K Designs
  • 6 – Baby Shower 6 of 7
    6 - Baby Shower
    I got this one, and a couple similar ones like this from my baby shower... I still have yet to find out where they came from because they were actually inside a cloth diaper cake I got, but they are beautiful!
  • 7 – Baby K Designs 7 of 7
    7 - Baby K Designs
    Another one from Baby K Designs! I only included two, but in reality I have dozens from there!

These fantastic family styles are Summer Must-Haves!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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