2 Months Postpartum and Feeling Strong

135 pounds
135 pounds

I’m surprising myself with how cleanly I’ve been eating since Charlie was born.

No sugar. No carbs. Just vegetables, salmon, tuna, and eggs.

That’s about it.

And the results have been amazing. Whereas I still hadn’t lost the weight I gained from Henry when I got pregnant with Charlie (three years later!), I am currently at my pre-Henry weight with just 10 pounds to go to get to where I was before I had Violet.

I think the key for me was to kick in with the good eating the day after Charlie was born. Most women lose at least 20 pounds right off the bat. Seeing those pounds go was inspirational and kept me on the right track to keep up the momentum.

I’m in the gym every day whether it’s yoga, elliptical, or weight training and I feel stronger than I have since before having kids. Contrast that with how schlubby and tired I felt two months after giving birth to my first two kids and there is just no comparison.

If I did plan on having more kids I would eat better and hit the gym while pregnant, and then do the same thing I’m doing now after pregnancy. It’s just made the whole recovery that much better.

I know everyone tells you to relax, take it slow, and enjoy time with your baby — and I’m doing that! It’s just that I feel so good physically and mentally that it’s made all the difference.

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