2 To a Tub: Bath-Time Antics

Wyndham: "But Dey Myyyyyy Cars". Abby: "Huh?"

Rub-a-dub-dub and all of that. Abby is no longer rockin’ a baby bath – she thinks she is so grown up now! All crawly and sitting up in the bathtub and splashing and terrorizing her brother, (taking all the cars. All of them. All the time. Cars. She needs. This is a first world problem).

And yesterday I gave her birdie bites of a bran muffin. Which means she’s had butter and sugar and flour, and oh my. The smallest amount, but still. Next it will be french fries and pizza crust. Oh the things that I never thought I’d feed my wee ones. Ha! If even for a rare treat. (More like: momma is exhausted and haggard and french fries and ketchup ream squees of joy and pure toddler bliss. I know this now.)

Alas, I digress from what this post is really about – which was bound to happen because:

a.) I am me. And…

b.) Any new milestone that a momma encounters with her babe (especially in their 1st year), conjures images of all such things and then some. It’s like the brain surges at warp speed begging for time to slow down if even just a smidgen, because. Babies. LOVE.)

So. Back to the littles having bath-time together. The weekend proved to be a successful first round of such. Only the tiniest amount of sliding, with lots of splashing and much joy. There isn’t anything much cuter than babies and toddlers having a grand old time in the bath together. Mine specifically, after the jump.

  • My Babies 1 of 6
    My Babies
    At play in the water. Peaceful if only for a mere seconds.
  • The Eyes 2 of 6
    The Eyes
    #oof. Straight to my heart.
  • The Joys of Splashing 3 of 6
    The Joys of Splashing
    Something they both take very seriously. At first I thought Abby too young to be carrying on that way, lest she slip, slide and go under. Naye, her sturdy body stays firmly planted!
  • Must Eat All The Things 4 of 6
    Must Eat All The Things
    To her brother's dismay. They were, after all, his cars first.
  • Double Hair Wash? 5 of 6
    Double Hair Wash?
    Success. This time. I am well aware that no tears or epic meltdowns occurring was my own pure luck. More of that please.
  • Things 1 & Thing 2 6 of 6
    Things 1 & Thing 2
    What next momma?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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