20 Adorable Things to Put on Your Baby’s Head Besides a Wig

Baby wigs have been in the news recently, what with all the parents out there who hate having their bald baby girls mistaken for boys. I hope you are not one of them. Lauren, another Babble blogger, wrote a great piece about how her bald baby girl is BEAUTIFUL.

I mean, it’s fine to get a little pissy when someone ignores the bright pink bow adorning your baby’s dress and asks, “What’s the little fellow’s name?” But you should not get annoyed enough to seek out a baby hairpiece!

If you do, just be aware, you are an SNL parody commercial come to life.

If you really want to distract from your baby’s baldness (girl or boy), here are 20 adorable hats and headbands that are WAY CUTER than a miniature toupee.

  • Hip Headband 1 of 20

    This is my baby girl Harlow and she's been sporting headbands from Little Hip Squeaks lately. They are simple and modern without being fussy, but definitely let everyone know it's a girl.

    Source: Mommy Shorts

  • Baby Fedora 2 of 20

    You don't need a girl to sport a hat. How cool is this baby fedora for both boys and girls?

    Source: We Heart It

  • Huge Flower Headband 3 of 20

    Nothing says "this is my precious baby girl" like a huge flower on a headband.

    Purchase for $8.99 on Etsy

  • Crocheted Tiara 4 of 20

    Well, except maybe a crocheted tiara. You think Will and Kate will be interested in this little topper if they have a girl?

    Purchase for $13.99 on Etsy

  • Baby Swim Cap 5 of 20

    Perfect for summer, this swim cap will protect your baby's head in the pool bald or otherwise.

    Purchase for $26 on Etsy

  • Baby Turban 6 of 20

    How adorable is this baby turban? Attach a rhinestone clip to the knot and it transforms into a flapper hat.

    Purchase for $18.95 on Etsy


  • Max’s Crown 7 of 20

    This crown modeled after Max's headpiece in Where the Wild Things Are, makes for a great baby gift coupled with the book.

    Purchase for $12 on Etsy

  • Baby Bonnet 8 of 20

    For the traditionalists, try topping your baby girl with a vintage baby bonnet.

    Purchase at My Tutu Boutique for $32

  • Preppy Sunhat 9 of 20

    This practical sunhat is perfect for summering in the Hamptons and relaxing on the beach for a clam bake.

    Check them out on Melondipity (currently on backorder!)

  • Cupcake, anyone? 10 of 20

    This is one cupcake where the bottom is just as special as the frosted top.

    Source: Favim

  • Fancy Schmancy Headband 11 of 20

    If your baby prefers diamonds and lace to diapers and cotton, this headband is the look for you.

    Purchase for $7.95 on Etsy

  • Newsbaby Cap 12 of 20

    Stick a paper under that boys arm and take a picture!

    Purchase for $6 on Etsy

  • Pinapple Hat 13 of 20

    This adorable fruit topper is DIY.

    Source: Delia Creates

  • Crocheted Crown 14 of 20

    Because she's your princess. Obviously.

    Purchase for $18 on Piccolini

  • Felt Flowers 15 of 20

    Is one huge flower too much flower for you? Try three smaller ones in this tasteful headband.

    Purchase for $17.50 on Etsy

  • Cowbaby Hat 16 of 20


    Purchase for $25 on Etsy

  • Baby Top Hat 17 of 20

    I'm not sure what occasion this works best for. Maybe an Invite Only Baby Tea Party?

    Purchase for $12.99 on Etsy

  • Bunny Hat 18 of 20

    It doesn't get any cuter than a long-eared bunny, except when that bunny's a BABY!

    Purchase for $22 on Etsy

  • Bear Ears 19 of 20

    I'd be remiss if I didn't mention a simple bear hat. I don't know what it is about bear ears on a baby but it's damn cute.

    Purchase for $19 on Etsy

  • Cabbage Patch Kid Wig 20 of 20

    I know I said I wouldn't mention wigs. But this isn't a serious wig. It's a throwback to the eighties and I think it might be Harlow's Halloween costume this year.

    Purchase for $19 on Etsy

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