20 Baby Products I Used the Most During Baby’s First Year

Avery’s my second child, so I knew which baby products that I absolutely needed when she was born. I’ve become somewhat of a minimalist since we moved to New York City. Space in our apartment is tight and I absolutely can’t stand clutter. I have only kept the baby items that were absolutely necessary for our everyday needs.

When I was getting all my oldest daughter’s baby items out of storage, I donated a ton of stuff and kept the ones that I remember made my life so much easier as a new mom. There were also some new items that I bought along the way that helped me as a mom of a baby living in the city.

Take a look at 20 of the baby products that helped me along the journey of Avery’s first year!

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Babies need a lot of stuff! Take a look at my top 20 products that helped to get us through the first year.
Bumbo Floor Seat 2 of 21
We brought this with us everywhere last summer. Avery wasn't quite able to sit up yet, but wanted to be involved with all of us. We simply sat her in the Bumbo and she had so much fun.

It was so light and easy to throw in the car. It worked wonders at the beach because we could just wash the sand off with a hose. I've used this seat for both of my girls.

Get it from Amazon for $34.99
Inspired By Finn Amber Teething Necklace 3 of 21
Avery only has one tooth, but I feel like she has been teething forever. She started drooling a lot around two months old. I read up on natural ways to help sooth teething and these amber teething necklaces from Inspired By Finn always came up.

I ordered one and it's worked wonders for her drooling. She's also not as fussy during teething which is a major plus. I love that it's a natural way to soothe her teething pain.

Get it from Amazon for $31.90
Phil and Teds metoo Portable High Chair 4 of 21
We live in a small apartment in New York City which leaves little room for a high chair. This portable high chair that hooks onto our table has been a life saver. Not only does it save space, but Avery loves being able to sit at the table with us during meal time.

Find similar high chairs at Phil and Ted ranging from $49.99-$199.99
Bravado Designs Essential Nursing Tanks 5 of 21
This nursing tank from Bravado Designs has made those late night feeding sessions a breeze. I've tried many different nursing tanks and they either haven't held up to the wear and tear or they just weren't stylish. Bravado has durable nursing tanks that I wouldn't be embarrassed to leave the house in.

Get it from Bravado Designs for $29.25
Fisher Price My Little Lamb Swing 6 of 21
I've used this swing for both girls and I think that it is probably the best thing ever. Avery slept in this for two months when she had a little bit of a sleep hiatus. She wouldn't sleep in anything else. It's quite possibly the best thing ever invented. It gave me many hours of sleep as a new mom. Any product that does that is a must-have in my book.

Get it from Target for $139.99
Bebe au Lait Nursing Cover 7 of 21
Since Avery was with me almost all of the time, we hardly ever used a bottle. I always nursed on demand. This nursing cover went with me everywhere. It covered enough so that I wasn't self conscious about anything. It also had a great curved part at the neck so I could easily see Avery when she was nursing.

Get it from Bebe au Lait for $36
Ergobaby Original Carrier 8 of 21
The Ergobaby carrier goes with me everywhere. I never know when Avery is just going to want to be held, but I don't have the hands to do it. This thing was my favorite during the witching hour. I'd simply pop her in and she was out within minutes. It's comfortable and easy on my back. I love that it can grow with her as she gets older. A great versatile baby carrier.

Get it from Ergobaby for $120
Miracle Blanket 9 of 21
Avery always managed to get out of any swaddle I ever wrapped her in. This was the only blanket that kept her swaddled. It was great for the first couple of months when she wanted to be swaddled in order to sleep.

Get it from Miracle Industries for $29.95
Baby Einstein Jumperoo 10 of 21
This is another product that I've had for both girls and it has stood up to wear and tear. It was great to set Avery in to keep her entertained while I needed to give Harlan attention. All of the different activities that it has definitely kept her occupied.

Get it from Target for $99.99
Gunamuna Gunapo 11 of 21
Once Avery was out of the swaddle, I moved her into this. She still sleeps with it every single night. It has zippers on the side and the middle. It's easy to take on and off. I absolutely love it.

Get it from Gunamuna for $39.50
Patemm Pad 12 of 21
This is the best changing pad ever created. It's circular so that if your baby squirms they won't roll off of it. I've also used it as a play mat to put on the floor when we would travel. It has pockets on the side to store diapers and wipes and folds up really nicely so it's easy to carry around.

Get it from Pattem for $68
Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Play Mat 13 of 21
We started using this with Avery when she was four weeks old and up until she started to crawl. The bright colors and music kept her entertained. It was also great for Harlan to go under it with her so they could play together. It folded up easily and flat so I could put it away when we weren't using it

Get it from Toys R Us for $64.99
Hygeia Enjoye Breast Pump 14 of 21
I've had a lot of breastfeeding issues with my milk supply and had to pump a lot in order to maintain my supply. This breast pump was my best friend. It went with me everywhere. It worked wonderfully and really did well with expressing my milk. Best pump I've ever used.

Get it from Hygeia for $299.99
Conair Sound Machine 15 of 21
I don't know what I would have done without this sound machine. We bought it as soon as Avery was born and had it playing in our room from day one. Now it's in the girl's room and they both fall asleep to the sound.

It's great to block the noises from other rooms and it also helps baby associate that they need to go back to sleep if they wake up in the middle of the night. I bring this thing with us when we travel and it even takes batteries. It was a really great price for a sound machine that has helped me get many hours of sleep!

Get it from Target for $19.99
Skip Hop Central Park Blanket 16 of 21
Technically this isn't a baby product, but it's one that we use often. Living in the city, we try to go out and explore a lot. One of the places we visit frequently is Central Park. This was great to put down on the grass so Avery could lay down. We also brought it to the beach with us last summer and it was great to keep Avery out of the sand. It can easily be wiped or sprayed off for easy clean up.

Get it from Skip Hop for $45
Sage Spoonfuls Baby Food Maker 17 of 21
For some strange reason making baby food is very therapeutic for me. Every Saturday morning I would wake up and make Avery's baby food for the week. She wasn't a fan of jarred baby food, so I was always making baby food. Sage Spoonfuls system made making baby food so easy. I absolutely love the immersion blender and have even used it to make mashed potatoes for us!

Get it from Sage Spoonfuls for $99.99
Drool Monkey 18 of 21
The Drool Monkey is great because it can be used for many things. Avery loves to chew on things and this was great for that. It also has a rattle on the head that she loves to shake around. It's big enough to use as a blanket, so I'd lay it on her on walks outside if I happened to forget a blanket.

Get it from Drool Monkey Organics for $32
Boppy Pillow 19 of 21
I didn't use the Boppy as a breastfeeding pillow, but I used it a lot those first few months when Avery couldn't sit up. I'd simply prop her up and let her look around. It was soft and kept her secure.

Get it from Boppy ranging from $30-$60
Orbit Baby Stroller G2 20 of 21
We live in New York City without a car and walk nearly everywhere. My stroller is pretty much my car. I bring it with me everywhere. I cannot say enough good things about the Orbit. From the 360 degrees turning seat to the amazing side kick that Harlan can stand on on the side that looks just like a skateboard.

I travel with this stroller everywhere. It's easy for me to put in the back of a taxi. It's not incredibly heavy so I don't have trouble getting it up and down subway stairs. I absolutely love this stroller.

Find a similar stroller from Orbit Baby for $940
My Brest Friend 21 of 21
My Brest Friend was my best friend for so many months when Avery was sleeping next to me in her bassinet. It was great for me to rest her on while I nursed her. You can also see that my oldest, Harlan, thought it was super soft too and used it as a pillow. I loved that it went all the way around so that it would support my back while nursing. That was key for me.

Get it from My Brest Friend for $44

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