20 Geeky Gifts for Babies and Toddlers

The holidays are coming and your little geek-in-training deserves more than the average mundane baby gifts out there. Never fear, I found 20 presents sure to grow your child’s geek cred. (And your geek parent status too.)

Geeky Gifts for Baby 1 of 21
With these fabulous baby and toddler gifts you will simultaneously stimulate their brain, while introducing them to geek culture. I only scratched the surface of what is available. Once I went down the rabbit hole it was hard to keep my picks to only 20!
Wooden Calculator Teether 2 of 21
Babies love poking buttons and chewing on things... like calculators. Let baby safely sink his or her teeth into this wooden Calculator Teether from 3PrincessesStore on Etsy. They'll be doing math in their head before you know it (especially if you pair it with a copy of Introductory Calculus For Infants).
I'm Smart and I Know It 3 of 21
Geek chemistry is likely to result in a smart baby. This Periodic Table Baby Genius one-piece is cute and quirky and available from Periodically Inspired on Etsy.
Code Baby 4 of 21
It's never too early to introduce a geekling to computer code. Web Design for Babies is a fun, lift-the-flap book teaching about the inner workings of websites. This author also wrote HTML for Babies and CSS for Babies. You know, these could be more helpful to adults than those "For Dummies" books.
TARDIS Night Light 5 of 21
The Doctor has a soft spot in both his hearts for children. With the TARDIS night light your little one will find comfort from the fright of shadows and that crack in the wall.
B is for Binary Code 6 of 21
When other kids know A is for Alligator, yours will know it's for Atom. These Nerdy Flashcards cover the ABCs of science complete with illustrations. Created by a nerd mom—brilliant!
Super Baby to the Rescue! 7 of 21
Between nap time and diaper changes, your little superhero is busy serving justice to the citizens of the toy box. These bodysuits are sold individually at ThinkGeek and available up to size 24 months.
Smartphone Teether 8 of 21
No matter how good your warranty is, it's risky to let your smartphone become baby's teether. Even if your little one isn't fooled by the switcheroo, having their very own wooden phone teether will boost their sense of toddler tech savvy. As for the teething discomfort, maybe someday there'll be an app for that? 3PrincessesStore also offers personalization!
Trekkie-in-Training 9 of 21
Babies boldly go exploring everyday. Get your little captain outfitted in one of these Star Trek creepers available at ThinkGeek.
Building Knowledge 10 of 21
Simple alphabet blocks are so last year. Build a foundation in chemistry instead with these Periodic Table blocks.
W is for Wookiee 11 of 21
There's no doubt that reading is great for babies. Board books are ideal and often teach simple concepts such as letters, colors and numbers. Geeklings will delight in the Star Wars series of learning books such as this Star Wars ABC book available at ThinkGeek.
Little Superheroes 12 of 21
Whether you keep your action figures in the box or not, this Fisher Price Little People DC Super Friends set is perfect for little geekling hands to play with.
Life Day Ornament 13 of 21
Just about everyone has a "Baby's First Christmas" ornament. Go a step beyond with this Star Wars inspired "Baby's First Life Day" ornament, hand stamped by Spiffing Jewelry. (Life Day is a Wookiee holiday celebration.)
The Very Hungry Zombie 14 of 21
Tired of reading about that starving caterpillar? Introduce your little one to The Very Hungry Zombie! The book's description on ThinkGeek states it uses humor and playful art rather than scary images. Maybe keep this one for daytime reading just in case.
Set Hearthstone Here 15 of 21
Baby will feel secure with this Hearthstone Blanket from Summer Wood Crafts on Etsy. Inspired by World of Warcraft, this blanket looks very much like the hearthstone players use to magically transport back to the inn.
Dalek Mr. Potato Head 16 of 21
Whovian children will enjoy rearranging the parts of a Mr. Potato Head Dalek. They seem less scary this way.
Super Cozy! 17 of 21
Super! Wow! What better way to snuggle up for quality comic book reading time than with this Comic Book Words Tie Blanket by Rainbow Freckles on Etsy?
Baby's First TARDIS 18 of 21
Play time will never be he same again once you own a TARDIS play tent. It's definitely bigger on the inside, but don't forget to share with the kids.
Baby Elements 19 of 21
Using the elements of the Periodic Table to spell words is geeky fun. Putting them on your baby is just downright adorable like this geeky bib and burp cloth set by Yellow Bug Boutique on Etsy.
Baby's First Batman Book 20 of 21
Introduce baby to the world of comic books with a fun interactive "touch and feel" version like this My First Batman Book. Also available: Superman and Wonder Woman.
Perfect Arrangement 21 of 21
Thank goodness for great chemistry. We'd like to take all the credit for our geeklings, but we know deep down science gets (most of) the credit. Compliment your baby with this geeky Perfect Arrangement poster from RoseandJulepPaper on Etsy.
Article Posted 3 years Ago

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