20 Gifts on my Mother’s Day Wish List

Mother’s Day is nearly a week away and although the day is about celebrating moms and not necessarily gifts, it is nice to receive a gift for ourselves once in a while. I hardly ever buy myself anything and when I do go shopping I end up buying stuff for the girls and leave empty handed with nothing for me.
A couple of weeks ago my husband asked what I wanted for Mother’s Day. Other than a nice day with my family, I had no idea what I really wanted. It’s been so long since I’ve sat down and thought about getting anything for myself. I immediately went searching on the internet for Mother’s Day gifts that I would love to receive on the special day that celebrates moms.

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    Click through for 20 gifts I'd love to receive this year.

  • Sparkle and Shine Bobby Set Hair Clips 2 of 21

    I'm always looking for fun things to put in my hair that require very little effort. I love that these hair clips can add a bit of flare and a pop of color to my hair without having to do much. They are also great to share with Harlan too! 

    Get it from, $20.00

  • Mini Photo Books 3 of 21

    I am always on Instagram taking photos of both of the girls. I am a proud mama and love to show them off. These mini photo books can print your Instagram photos into little booklets so that you can easily carry them around and show off all of the beautiful photos of your children to anyone around! 

    Get it from Viovio, $59.00

  • Portable Battery Backup 4 of 21

    I always have my phone with me and am always using it. I usually carry around my charger with me always looking for a plug because my batter runs down so quickly. I love this portable charger, because not only will it not have me scrambling around looking or a plug, but it's quite stylish as well! 

    Get it from J.Crew, $35.00

  • Laduree Macarons 5 of 21

    I have such a sweet tooth and these just happen to be my favorite sweet treat. I am lucky to live near this shop here in NYC and I make frequent stops to buy just one. This would be the best and most decadant gift to satisfy my sweet tooth. They truly are the best tasting macarons I've ever had.

    Get it from Laduree, prices vary

  • Custom Portrait 6 of 21

    I love having personalized art hanging around our apartment. It brings so much joy and warmth to an otherwise cold space. I fell in love with Anna's portraits after finding her on Instagram. I've never seen anything like her work. She is truly an incredibly talented artist. I would love to have a portrait of the girls to hang in our apartment. It would be something that I would treasure forever. 

    Get it from Out To Play, prices vary

  • Monthly Flower Subscription 7 of 21

    I am a sucker for flowers. They bring so much life and color into a room. I stop by our local flower shop once a week to get flowers for the apartment. The flower subscription takes the hassle away and delivers a gorgeous boquet right to your door. It's definitely a gift that keeps on giving. 

    Get it from Hbloom, $45-$85 per delivery

  • Crystalline Hair Ties 8 of 21
    crystalline hair tues

    I wish I could tell you that I wake up every morning and blow out my hair, but I don't. Let's be honest, what mom really does have time to do that every morning? I usually just pull it up in a pony tail and call it a day. I love these beaded hair ties because they turn an ordinary pony tail into something that looks kind of fancy. No more dull pony tail for me! 

    Get it from Anthropologie, $24.00

  • Personalized iPhone Case 9 of 21

    My iPhone goes with me everywhere I go, so I should think of it as an accessory that I am always showing off. I would love to get an iPhone case with a photo of the girls on it. I could proudly show them off when I am always out and about on my phone! 

    Get it from Uncommon, $34.95

  • Gold Strappy Sandals 10 of 21

    When the weather is warm enough, I live in sandals. I do so much walking around the city that I need comfortable shoes that will keep my feet cool. I love that these sandals because they go with nearly everything and can be dressed up or down.

    Get it from J.Crew, $118.00

  • Heart Cut Out Charm 11 of 21

    I received gold initial charms for Christmas that each had the girl's first initial on them. I love these charms and wear them every single day. They are a way that I can always keep the girls close to my heart (as cheesy as that sounds.) I'd love to add this heart charm to my necklace as a way of showing just how much I love them. 

    Get it from Helen Ficalora, $165

  • Personalized Silhouette 12 of 21

    My husband has a silhouette photo from when he was a little boy that I fell in love with. I've wanted to do a silhouette of the girls, but time always gets the best of me and I never get to it. This takes the stress off of me and is a beautiful photo that I'd love to hang in our apartment. I love that it is so classic and timeless.

    Get it from Etsy store Silhouette Shop, $25

  • Mason Jar Vases 13 of 21

    I've had an obsession with mason jars since I had them for Avery's first birthday party. I currently am using three mason jars on my kitchen table as flower vases. As much as I love them, I would love these even more. They put the regular mason jar to shame and would love to have these to store all of my bright spring flowers.

    Get it from Etsy Shop, Beach Blues, $21.00

  • Samsung Galaxy Camera 14 of 21

    I use my iPhone for nearly every photo that I take of the girls. Every once in a while I will take out my big DSLR, but it is such a hassle to take it out when I have to carry all of my belongings and without a car. I've seen this camera and the amazing photos that it takes and want one for myself. It is much smaller than my DSLR and it will upload photos straight to Facebook and Instagram. The zoom capability on it is pretty incredible too.

    Get it from Samsung, $449.00

  • Momma Love Book 15 of 21

    I had the chance to meet the photographer behind this book, Ali Smith. It shows all faces of motherhood, including both the beautiful and the messy. It tells stories from many different mothers across the United States and gives a glimpse into their motherhood. It's a gorgeous book that shows what life as a mom really is all about.

    Got more info here!

  • Custom Family Illustration 16 of 21

    If you can't tell, I'm really into art this year. The idea of having custom portraits on my walls of my family makes me very happy. I absolutely love these watercolor illustrations. What a great alternative to the customary family photo. I would love to have this hanging on my wall in my bedroom. 

    Get if from Etsy Shop Many Cave Water Illustration, $125

  • Rebecca Minkoff Kerry Pouch 17 of 21
    rm bag

    When you become a mom it's so easy to forget about your own stuff and only think about your children's things. I have a bag that I use for all of my stuff and the girl's items. It's not a diaper bag, but it might as well be. I'd love to have this bag just for me. To put only my things in it and no one else. 

    Get it from Rebecca Minkoff, $75.00

  • Starbucks Varismo 18 of 21

    I am a coffee drinker. A big one. I can't start my day without a big cup of coffee. I really love Starbucks coffee. There is one right across the street from my apartment and I go everyday after school with the girls. I would love to have the Varismo in my apartment because then I could make the Starbucks drinks that I love without even leaving my apartment. 

    Get it from Williams Sonoma, $199.95

  • Sunglasses 19 of 21

    I've had the same pair of sunglasses for a while not and I'd love to get myself a new pair. I really like the contrasting colors and the hint of a cat eye. The low price point on these sunglasses is great because the girls are always trying to grab my glasses to try them on.

    Get it from Anthropologie, $38.00

  • Fingerprint Earrings 20 of 21

    I wear gold studs all the time, but these would be absolutely incredible to have. They have your child's fingerprint on them and each are customized. It would be amazing to wear these around with a little something of my child on them.

    Get it from Jook and Nona, $450.00

  • iPad mini 21 of 21

    I have an iPad of my own that I received for my birthday a couple of years ago, but it quickly became the family iPad that everyone uses. I'd love to have one for myself so that I could read books before bed. It's also small enough that I could keep it on me at all times so that it wouldn't become the family iPad again.

    Get it from Apple, $325.00

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