20 Gifts to Commemorate Baby’s First Christmas

Christmas is my favorite time of the year. There’s just something about the holiday season that always puts me in a good mood. This year I’m especially excited for Christmas because I get to watch Avery as she experiences the holiday for the first time.

My oldest daughter, Harlan, was only three months old for her first Christmas, so she wasn’t even aware that this very special holiday was going on around her. Although Avery doesn’t know what the holiday means, she is at the perfect age to enjoy a lot of the gifts that “Santa” will bring her this year.

Celebrating your very first Christmas is a big milestone and something that should be commemorated. I want to get Avery gifts that are age-appropriate as well as ones that will be great keepsakes as she grows older. Check out some of my favorite gifts to give to your little one celebrating Christmas for the first time!

  • First Christmas Pajamas 1 of 20
    First Christmas Pajamas
    We have a tradition in our family that we buy each other Christmas pajamas and open them up on Christmas Eve. My husband's family has done it for years, and we decided to take on the tradition with our girls as well. I want to get Avery pajamas that specifically commemorate her first Christmas. We bought these for my older daughter, Harlan, and I can't wait to get Avery her own personalized pair. I love the little diaper flap on the bottom!
    Get them from Personalization Mall for $32.95
  • Organic Christmas Tree Teether 2 of 20
    Organic Christmas Tree Teether
    I am always looking for age-appropriate toys that are Christmas-themed for Avery. When I found these organic teethers, I knew that they were perfect to have on-hand in case Avery's first tooth decides to pop through during the holidays.
    Get them from Etsy for $12
  • First Christmas Picture Frame 3 of 20
    First Christmas Picture Frame
    We have a picture frame that I bring out every holiday season of Harlan's first Christmas. She was sitting on Santa's lap at Macy's, oblivious to the festivities around her. I can't wait to do the same with Avery and put the photo in this frame. This way, we'll always have a special keepsake we can bring out every Christmas to remember the fun time we had.
    Get it from Etsy for $45
  • Christmas Swaddle Blanket 4 of 20
    Christmas Swaddle Blanket
    Avery is too old to be swaddled, but because we're outside all of the time, we use blankets a lot. I would love to have her cuddled up in these Christmas-themed blankets for her first time visiting the tree at Rockefeller Center this year!
    Get the set from Pottery Barn Kids for $44.50
  • Baby’s First Drum 5 of 20
    Baby's First Drum
    Avery has discovered a love for music and can be found dancing and beating her hands on everything. This year, I'm going to let her express her musical interests on this soft, cuddly drum that plays drum sounds when you tap on the star! It's the perfect present for Avery to make music for the first time!
    Get it from Gund for $30
  • First Christmas Personalized Framed Print 6 of 20
    First Christmas Personalized Framed Print
    This is another great way to commemorate your little one's first Christmas. I can't get enough of the baby footprints that are in the shape of a heart! I would love to get this for Avery and bring it out every Christmas to hang in her room.
    Get it from Etsy for $30
  • Baby Handprint Ornament 7 of 20
    Baby Handprint Ornament
    Each year everyone in our family buys an ornament to hang on the tree. Most of the time they have the year on them so that we'll be able to remember when we got them further on down the road. This year for Avery's first Christmas, we're going to make her a very special ornament for her first time being included in this family tradition. I think I'm going to put her handprint on one and her footprint on the other!
    Get the kit from Pottery Barn Kids for $15
  • City Baby Quilt 8 of 20
    City Baby Quilt
    I realize that we're incredibly fortunate to be able to spend Christmas in New York City. It's so beautiful around this time of year, and I love everything the city does to celebrate the holidays. Since we use blankets so often in the winter, I'd love to get this for Avery so that she can always remember that she spent her first Christmas in New York City. The company offers a variety of other city-themed blankets, and if you don't see yours on the list, you can even order a custom-made quilt for your own specific city.
    Get it from Haptic Lab for $145
  • Baby’s First Shoes 9 of 20
    Baby's First Shoes
    I predict that Avery will be walking very soon! If she can hold out until Christmas, I can't wait to get her a pair of these adorable moccasins as her first pair of shoes. They'll be great for keeping her feet warm during the winter, and the soft soles are perfect for a beginner walker.
    Get them from Freshly Picked for $60
  • Piggy Bank 10 of 20
    Piggy Bank
    A lot of our family likes to send both girls money for Christmas, which we like to put away for them to save. Harlan has a piggy bank that she got when she was born, and we've been putting money in it since day one. I would love to get this piggy bank for Avery so that she can put some of her first monetary Christmas presents in it to start saving!
    Get it from Elegant Baby for $21
  • Baby’s First Year Frame 11 of 20
    Baby's First Year Frame
    I made a frame like this for my oldest daughter, and it turned out great! Avery is just four months away from turning one, so I would love to get this for her for Christmas so we can begin to document her first year. This will be a great way we can all look back to see just how much she changed in her first year.
    Get it from Pottery Barn Kids for $62
  • Rocking Horse 12 of 20
    Rocking Horse
    I grew up with a rocking horse and absolutely loved it. I can't think of a better time to give Avery her very first riding toy than during her very first Christmas!
    Get it from Land of Nod for $249
  • Silver Rattle 13 of 20
    Silver Rattle
    A silver baby gift is a classic way to commemorate any of baby's first holidays. We received Harlan's great-grandmother's — whom she's named after — silver baby brush and cup for her first Christmas. I'd love to give this silver rattle to Avery for her first Christmas so that one day, she'll be able to pass it down as well.
    Get it from Harmony Ball Co. for $70
  • Sophie the Giraffe Bath Toy 14 of 20
    Sophie the Giraffe Bath Toy
    Avery's first toy was Sophie the Giraffe, which she loves to chew on. For Christmas, I want to add to her first toy collection and get her this Sophie bath toy. She doesn't have many bath toys of her own, and I know she'd go gaga over this one!
    Get it from for $14.99
  • Taxi Rattle 15 of 20
    Taxi Rattle
    Because we don't have a car here in the city, Avery's first car ride was in a little yellow taxi that looked just like this one. I would love to get her this so that she can remember all of the amazing times she had riding around in yellow taxis in the big city and how fortunate we are to live in NYC.
    Get it from Etsy for $16
  • Baby Memory Blanket 16 of 20
    Baby Memory Blanket
    I've saved all of my girls' clothes that commemorate a special event in their lives, including the outfit they wore home from the hospital, their baptism gowns, their first Easter dresses, and even their first pajamas. These custom-made quilts, featuring your baby's old clothes and blankets, are the perfect way to put those old outfits to use. I'd love to get this for Avery this Christmas so she has another keepsake to commemorate her first year of life.
    Get it from Willow Creek Baby for $95-$360
  • The Night Before Christmas Recordable Book 17 of 20
    The Night Before Christmas Recordable Book
    These books that allow you to record yourself reading the story are the most incredible thing. My in-laws gave one to Harlan last year for Christmas, and I would love to give this to Avery this year. This is a great way to commemorate her first Christmas so that year after year, she can listen to the story and know that this was recorded by me, her daddy, and Harlan on her very first Christmas.
    Get it from Hallmark for $19.95
  • Birth Announcement Pillows 18 of 20
    Birth Announcement Pillows
    Paper birth announcements can sometimes get stuffed away in a baby book or memory box only to be looked at on occasion. This pillow is the perfect solution — and it's a great keepsake to give baby on her first Christmas. This pink pillow would go great in Avery's room and would be another special way to commemorate her first year.
    Get it from Uncommon Goods for $100
  • Personalized Baby’s First Christmas Song Lyric Frame 19 of 20
    Personalized Baby's First Christmas Song Lyric Frame
    A great way to commemorate baby's first Christmas is with this amazing piece of custom-made artwork. The tree features lyrics to any song that you choose, and the ornaments can be customized, too! I personally would love to have "O' Christmas Tree" printed on this to give to Avery. This is an elegant, unique way to remember her first Christmas — and the subtle holiday details on it means I can leave it up all year round.
    Get it from Etsy for $55
  • Baby Walker 20 of 20
    Baby Walker
    As Avery gets closer and closer to walking everyday, I want to get her a toy this Christmas that will help her take her very first steps. I love this classic wooden walker that also has blocks inside, so it's a toy she can continue to play with far beyond her beginning
    walker stage.
    Get it from giggle for $75

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