20 Ways to Spend Time With Your Husband Once the Baby Goes to Bed

Having a new baby in the house can put your date nights with your husband on a little bit of a hiatus. It’s hard to get out of the house for a night with one another when you have a have a baby that requires so much of your time. It can also be tough when you can go out, but can’t find a sitter to watch the little one.

Since we’ve finally gotten Avery on a consistent bedtime routine, our nights are now free after 8:00. Rather than going out every night, my husband and I have decided to get a little bit creative and started date nights at our house. It comes without the cost of a babysitter and a lot of the time, we have just as much fun doing our home dates as we would having a night out on the town.

Check out 20 ways you can spend at home with your husband once the baby goes to bed after the jump! 

  • Spa Night 1 of 20
    Spa Night
    There is nothing more relaxing than some time at the spa. If you can't take some time out to get to the spa, bring it to your house. Put on some relaxing music, get in your robes, and just relax. Take turns with your hubby giving each other massages. Make it a night that is completely relaxing and stress free.
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  • Wine Tasting 2 of 20
    Wine Tasting
    Who doesn't love a night filled with great wine. Stop by your local wine store and ask for their recommendations. Buy some bottles and have your own wine tasting at your house. Make a scale so that you can rate the ones you like and then note them for later on when you want to buy some great wine with your dinner.
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  • Dessert Night 3 of 20
    Dessert Night
    Indulge in your favorite desserts and make it a night that is full of sweetness. Whether you decide to bake or just pick up your favorites on your way home, make sure you are relishing in your favorite sweet treat.
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  • Get to Know One Another 4 of 20
    Get to Know One Another
    Take some time to really get to know one another. Remember those first couple of dates when you wanted to know everything about each other? Go back to that and get to know them again. It's so easy to get caught up in our daily lives that we can easily drift apart from one another. One of my favorite things to do with my husband is get a book of questions and ask them to one another. It's amazing what to learn about one another even if you've been married for years!
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  • Write Love Notes to One Another 5 of 20
    Write Love Notes to One Another
    Remember the butterflies in your stomach you used to get when your husband wrote you a love letter? Bring back those feelings and take some time to write each other a love note. Make sure you let them know everything that you love about them. You can choose to give it to each other that night or save it for a time that you want to surprise them with it. Either way, those moments of giddiness will come right back as you read it.
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  • Take a Step Back in Time 6 of 20
    Take a Step Back in Time
    Take time and look back on your fondest moments with one another. Whether it is watching your wedding video, looking at your wedding album, or taking a look at the photos when you first started dating. The photos will bring back so many memories and will help you take a walk down memory lane.
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  • Have a Nice Dinner Outside 7 of 20
    Have a Nice Dinner Outside
    Fire up the grill and enjoy the great outdoors at night. Light some candles and have a romantic dinner under the stars with just the two of you.
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  • Cook a Meal Themed on a City You Would Love to Visit Together 8 of 20
    Cook a Meal Themed on a City You Would Love to Visit Together
    There are so many places around the world that I want to visit with my husband, but with two small kids, it makes it nearly impossible. Cook a dinner together of a place you would love to visit one day and make that the theme night. Although you won't be in that special place, you can still recreate it in your living room for a romantic night together.
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  • Game Night 9 of 20
    Game Night
    My husband and I are huge game people. from board games to card games, we love it all. We love getting out our favorite games after the girls go to bed and playing them. We are both a but competitive, so it makes the game just that much more fun!
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  • Dance the Night Away 10 of 20
    Dance the Night Away
    Turn on some of your favorite songs and turn your living room into the dance floor. Relax and enjoy the music and being close to one another.
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  • Have a Picnic 11 of 20
    Have a Picnic
    Whether you do it in your living room or out in the backyard, a picnic togethr can be so much fun. Grab some champagne, cheese, and fruit, and make it a romantic evening together on the floor.
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  • Replay Your First Date 12 of 20
    Replay Your First Date
    Oh yes. The beloved first date. It could have been over a decade ago or only a few years ago, but it was a date to remember. Get dressed up and replay the moments of your first date. Watch the movie you went to see together or cook the dinner you had with one another. Bring back those moments when you first met.
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  • Take a Cooking Lesson 13 of 20
    Take a Cooking Lesson
    There is something so romantic about cooking with one another in the kitchen. Splurge for a night of cooking lessons from a local chef. Bring them into your kitchen while they teach you and your hubby how to cook a romantic meal.
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  • Order Your Favorite Take Out 14 of 20
    Order Your Favorite Take Out
    Leave the cooking to someone else. Make date night simple and order from your favorite local restaurant. Bring the meal home and enjoy it with one another.
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  • Just Sit and Talk (About Something Other Than the Kids) 15 of 20
    Just Sit and Talk (About Something Other Than the Kids)
    When was the last time you really had a chance to just sit and talk with your husband? It had been a long time for my husband and I so we finally decided to turn off all electronic devices in our house and just talk with one another. We told one another that work and the kids were off limits and just let the conversation go from there.
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  • Have a DVD Marathon 16 of 20
    Have a DVD Marathon
    Grab a season of your favorite television show and make it a marathon night. You might not make it though the entire season, but it will be fun catching up on a television show you both enjoy.
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  • Take a Tour of the House 17 of 20
    Take a Tour of the House
    One of my most memorable date nights with my husband was a night that we spent at home together. He planned an entire evening involving every room in our house. One room had champagne, one had appetizers, the other had dinner, and one dessert. It was so fun to be in rooms we hardly ever used in the house and just sit and take it all in.
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  • Play Video Games 18 of 20
    Play Video Games
    I'm not one for video games, but I do take the time and play them every once in a while. I love interaction games. It could be bowling, a game of tennis, or even skiing, video games can be fun with one another.
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  • Workout Together 19 of 20
    Workout Together
    So working out might not sound like an ideal date night, but it can still be fun. Since having Avery neither my husband or I have had time to make it to the gym. It would be great for us to do a workout video together and really push one another to get in shape.
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  • Make it a Sports Night 20 of 20
    Make it a Sports Night
    If you can't make it to the local sports game, bring the stadium to your living room. Turn on the game, dress in your favorite sports team gear, grab some nachos, cracker jacks, and a beer and have fun cheering on your favorite team.
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