2012 via Instagram: My Year In Review (Photos)

Baby bump. Hospital stays. Pretty faces. Babies. Starbucks. Cupcakes. cupcakeMAG. Arm candy.

That about sums up my 2012 via my instagram. Sounds kinda awesome right? Today I decided to take a look back over my photos. Dear lord I have a lot of them. It seemed like a pretty great year filled with too many photo shoots to count. Lots of coffee. Tons of snapshots of my littles. All of my hospital stays in pictures. A new baby! And so much more. Welcoming a new baby boy into our family pretty much topped the cake. It was worth the doctors visits and complicated overnight stays in the hospitals. When you take a look at my feed, you see my life completly. Not filtered. It is filled with work, mini-fashionistas, lots of littles, and just a whole bunch of chaos that I wouldn’t have any other way. Come journey over the last year with me as we toast 2012 and get ready for what the new year will bring. Oh, and don’t forget to follow me here.

  • Happy Halloween! 1 of 24
    Happy Halloween!
    Sadie wasn't too thrilled about the whole pink elephant thing.
  • Sister Love 2 of 24
    Sister Love
    These are the moments of 2012 I will cherish forever.
  • Happy Faces 3 of 24
    Happy Faces
    Kennadi is always full of smiles. I can't believe she will be 3 next month.
  • Melt My Heart 4 of 24
    Melt My Heart
    Just one day after bringing Grayson home, I snapped this shot. It sums up the love between siblings.
  • Having a Baby 5 of 24
    Having a Baby
    In labor! One pretty big moment from 2012.
  • A Baby! 6 of 24
    A Baby!
    Grayson. Making his debut on Instagram a few moments after being born.
  • Summer Vacay 7 of 24
    Summer Vacay
    At the lake. A beautiful, peaceful trip that I will always remember. We had such a great time.
  • Photoshoot 8 of 24
    The one of many photoshoots for cupcakeMAG, The Party Dress, and everything in between.
  • Oh, Zoe 9 of 24
    Oh, Zoe
    I love this picture. So much. It was one of my favorites from this year during my maternity shoot. Isn't she a beauty?
  • Arm Candy 10 of 24
    Arm Candy
    Because who doesn't instagram jewels these days? I know it fills up my feed and I love it.
  • Baby Bump 11 of 24
    Baby Bump
    My first baby bump shot at 15 weeks. First of many.
  • A Sweet Baby Moment 12 of 24
    A Sweet Baby Moment
    Big sis pushing little sis.
  • Shoes! 13 of 24
    Snapped this with a caption that went "I love my job." And that sums up that.
  • One of Many Hospital Stays 14 of 24
    One of Many Hospital Stays
    Me and sweet Sadie before her surgery. This marked one of 10 plus times one of us was in the hospital.
  • Little Miss M 15 of 24
    Little Miss M
    One of many outfits.
  • My Mini-Me 16 of 24
    My Mini-Me
    Sometimes I wish I could have Zoe's wardrobe. Oh wait, that's all the time.
  • Disney on Ice 17 of 24
    Disney on Ice
    I think this was one of McKenzie's highlights this year.
  • Sunnies and All 18 of 24
    Sunnies and All
    Catching a ride. At the mall.
  • Zoe turned 9 19 of 24
    Zoe turned 9
    And she got an iPod touch. The proud moment they connected.
  • Sadie Bug 20 of 24
    Sadie Bug
    When she couldn't even crawl. Now she is running. Time really needs to just stop.
  • LOVE 21 of 24
  • High-Risk Pregnancy 22 of 24
    High-Risk Pregnancy
    Oh thank the lord the memories and hospital stays and ivs and everything else is behind us. This was one thing I could have done without in 2012.
  • Favorite Flats 23 of 24
    Favorite Flats
    Because it wouldn't be instagram without a random glimpse of my shoes.
  • Late Night Working 24 of 24
    Late Night Working
    While holding a baby. I am sure this will continue in 2013.

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