Funny Face

  • Everybody Join In 1 of 23
    With over 130,000,000 views, this laughing baby should start his own fan club.
  • Belly Laugh 2 of 23
    This infant already has a bellowing laugh.
  • The Simple Things 3 of 23
    This little one thinks his mom clearing her throat is the funniest thing in the world.
  • Tickle Monster 4 of 23
    Another extremely gentle (and big!) dog tickles his human baby brother.
  • Wii!! 5 of 23
    Something about this virtual round of golf is pretty darn hilarious to this video-game-viewing tot. Maybe her dad hit one into the bunker!
  • Gut Buster 6 of 23
    Ever laugh so hard your stomach hurts? This little guy sure did.
  • Fall Down Funny 7 of 23
    This smiley little boy and his dad invented an apparently hilarious game that involves ripping newspaper.
  • Double the Laughs … 8 of 23
    ... means double the fun in the case of these twin baby boys.
  • Learning To Laugh 9 of 23
    This baby spooks himself by laughing for the first time (at :30).
  • Imitation Is the Best Form of Flattery 10 of 23
    — and for this little boy, his mom mimicking him is freakin’ hilarious. Fast-forward to :30 to see him slap his baby knee.
  • Miss Manners Would Not Approve 11 of 23
    This burping dad and his belly-laughing baby make dinnertime into play time.
  • Another Comedian Dad 12 of 23
    Another goofy father puts on a silly show for his biggest (and littlest) fan.
  • Silly Sisters 13 of 23
    Dads aren’t the only pros at getting babies to laugh. Here some sisterly antics spur a baby to smile.
  • Music to Our Ears 14 of 23
    If you think baby laughs sound better than music, you’ll love this clip of a song made out of them — complete with pictures that take the cuteness factor through the roof.
  • The Evil Eye 15 of 23
    This little guy loves making people laugh (and joining in!) whenever he gives his “evil look.”
  • Poop Jokes 16 of 23
    This mom introduces her daughter to toilet humor early.
  • Different Strokes 17 of 23
    Every baby laugh sounds different. Go to :20 to hear this unique, totally endearing cackle.
  • Hyena Hilarity 18 of 23
    This mom thinks her daughter sounds like a hyena when she laughs. What do you think?
  • Read, Laugh, Repeat 19 of 23
    This clip illustrates toddlers’ ability to laugh at the same things over, and over, and over again.
  • Giggling Games 20 of 23
    Peek-a-boo is always good for a giggle or two.
  • Sleep Giggles 21 of 23
    What’s cuter than a sleeping baby? A sleeping, giggling baby.
  • Are We Tired Yet? 22 of 23
    We’re not sure if the parents or the baby (or both) are up past their bedtime, but the fun they’re having is definitely worth it!
  • Jolly Jumper 23 of 23
    This mom is so thrilled to catch her baby’s first laugh on film that she drops the camera (2:27). Considering all the bouncing cuteness going on, we don’t blame her!
Article Posted 6 years Ago

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