24 Inspiring Photos From A Pow-Wow, Tribal Theme First Birthday Party

On October 1 my last baby in the house turned ONE. I know, I still CANNOT believe it. It took over two months of steady planning with the amazing party stylist, Valerie of Greyson Design to plan the best party yet. The theme fit our family so well since we have a Native American background. I wanted to do something different that honored our heritage on behalf of my dad and grandfather. So — a pow-wow theme was born. And let me tell you — it was so much fun! We had the best vendors ever help us custom create a perfect first birthday and I am so excited to finally share it with you. Thanks to Kim Flores, she captured the special day we spent with family and friends so that we could share it with you!

Click-through photos of a pow-wow themed first party. I am sure this will inspire your next party! 

  • Join the Pow Wow! 1 of 25

    Click-through 24 photos of Grayson's pow-wow, tribal themed first birthday party. It just might inspire your little one's first birthday too! 

  • You’re Invited! 2 of 25

    Grayson's 1st Pow Wow! Come on down to the campground and check out all the details from his big day! 

  • Happy Boy! 3 of 25

    We had the biggest plans for his special day. We planned to throw Grayson's birthday outside in true pow-wow themed but we literally had one of the hardest rains ever. Luckily, I was able to snap my vision outside after the rain because well -- I just had to make sure a tee-pee was involved. Of course Grayson had to wear his favorite duds! Freshly Picked Mocs, Man Cub tee, and custom Carly Megan skinnies. 

    Get the look: Garland is Aidie's Hideaway, Custom Glow in the Dark pillows from Comfy Cozy, Feather garland is from One Stylish Party

  • On the Tables 4 of 25

    I wanted to make it feel cozy and like home so I clustered all of our favorite things on each table to go with the theme. Most of these things can be found in your own home! The tee-pee is actually a candle holder I picked up at a yard sale and I purchased the lantern and plant at Ikea. The beautiful amber footed bowls came from Tori Spelling's store, invenTORI. 

  • For the Guests 5 of 25

    Grayson loved trying to stuff his pacifier in these adorable burlap Tee-Pee sacks we used for goody bags. Aren't they just adorable?

    Get them from Party Patisserie 


  • Inside the Goodie Bags 6 of 25

    Of course Camp Grayson Cotton Candy was the perfect choice for little hands. While it might be filled with sugar, the birthday boy was excited to enjoy it on his birthday. Guest loved the custom labels too! I do have to say, they were a big hit of the party! 

    Custom Cotton Candy Bags from Soiree Event Design 

  • Celebrate 7 of 25

    We had custom trays and matching birthday horns designed to match his invitations. Grayson, Celebrate, and Pow Wow -- three words to describe this oh-so-fun theme! They always do such an amazing job matching the theme. I love being able to re-use the trays too! 

    Custom graphics from Greyson DesignsCustom trays and birthday horns from Oh Goodie Designs 

  • Welcome to Camp Grayson 8 of 25

    We decorated with these adorable Camp Grayson  flags designed by Greyson Design. They looked great in centerpieces and guest had fun with them in the photo booth too!

  • Tee Pee Cookies 9 of 25

    It doesn't get much better. Grayson couldn't get enough of these super-soft and delicious cookies. Personalized cookies are less mess than cupcakes so they are perfect for a first birthday party. 

    Custom Cookies from Frog Prince Cake and Cookie Design 

  • ONE 10 of 25

    I just can't believe. My baby Grayson is ONE! Of course we had to dress-up his high chair with a banner and his cute face. I just love him!

    Banner designed by Greyson Design 

  • Leave A Note 11 of 25

    Having guest write Grayson a sweet note or memory was so much fun. I hope he will cherish these when he is older. I know I will! 

  • Trail Mix Bar 12 of 25

    It doesn't get much better then that face on the cutest striped boxes around. We had so much creating a trail mix bar. Guest filled boxes with Grayson's photo and munched the entire time. It was a big hit! 

    Striped boxes from Tom Kat Studio, Trail Mix labels designed by Greyson Design 

  • Look At Me, I’m ONE! 13 of 25

    Hey everyone, I am ONE today!! And don't I look so cute in my tribal themed outfit! I know, my Mom dresses me so well!

    Outfit details: I'll be in my tee pee tee from The Printed PaletteFreshly Picked Mocs, and custom Carly Megan skinnies. 

  • Welcome Happy Campers 14 of 25

    Choosing a theme you truly love for a first birthday makes planning so much more fun! While most feel stressed when it comes to the first birthday party - picking a theme you really love makes planning so much easier. 

  • It Makes For A Happy Baby Too! 15 of 25

    I truly think Grayson had such a great birthday party. He never stopped smiling, that's for sure! 

    Tribal infinity scarf from She Does Justice 

  • All in the Details 16 of 25

    I loved being able to mix and match and not stick with one character or one color. It was so much fun to hunt for all of the perfect things to complete this pow wow themed party. 

  • Peek-a-Boo 17 of 25

    Grayson's favorite thing about the tee-pee? He LOVED playing peek-a-boo! 

  • The Dessert Table 18 of 25

    We filled the dessert table with things like bait (gummy worms), flames (cheetos), tee-ee cupcakes, tee-pee smores and so much more. 

  • Smores 19 of 25

    But, I have to say, the Tee-Pee Smores were a huge hit. So soft and delicious, Grayson enjoyed every last bite and they matched perfectly with the theme. 

    Custom Smores from Kimberleys Kitchen 


  • Picture Perfect 20 of 25

    This dessert table was so much fun to put together. Grayson just starred for the hour or so that it took to set it up. Of course he was obsessed with these absolutely amazing balloons! I purchased cartons at Hobby Lobby which I stained and flipped over to create dimension. I glued on Camp Grayson cutouts on them to really make them pop! 

    Steal Grayson's Dessert Table Look: Tribal garland and fringe balloons from One Stylish Party, Custom Dream Catchers from Wildflower Dream Catcher, Camp Grayson Wooden Cutouts by Ten23 Designs, Burlap Table Runner from A to Zebra. 

  • Feathers, Fringe, Arrows — Oh My! 21 of 25

    I decorated each table with these wooden arrow cutouts from Ten23 Designs that I sprayed painted gold. We placed feathers throughout the tables that I got at my local craft store. 

  • Photo Booth Props! 22 of 25

    Of course they've been seen on Martha Stewart so I knew I had to have custom photo props made by Little Retreats. I mean, it doesn't get much cuter than a Tee-Pee photo booth prop right?

    Get them from Little Retreats 

  • Tee Pee Cupcakes 23 of 25

    My sister made these adorable tee pee cupcakes -- just a simple ice cream cone decorated and placed on top of the cupcake. They were a big hit! 

  • Table Settings 24 of 25

    Having tables set-up in advance really saved time as guest arrived. It gave them more time with Grayson and everyone enjoyed sitting around their campsite -- as we called them. 

  • Matching with the Birthday Boy 25 of 25

    Grayson's sisters all wore matching tees. Miss Sadie was so excited to celebrating her brothers birthday! We all had such an amazing day with out sweet little boy! 

    I'll be in my tee pee tee from The Printed Palette

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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