24 of The Most Adorable 1st Birthday Party Pics (Really)

Well, AlmostSo you know that beach party I was raving about? All of those amazing ideas I had curated and was dead set on executing?


Didn’t happen.

What did happen was a most lovely, sweet affair, in our backyard with most of our nearest and dearest. I’l be the first of any to proclaim the many virtues of all that is DIY. Especially when it comes to anything baby, toddler, house and home related. And obviously food/drink recipes. (Hello Pinterest, my sexy BFF).

As we momma’s know, life in the land of baby and toddler takes on a carnivalesque hue at times. Wherein we just don’t have the time to put Martha Stewart to shame. Which is fine, because our babies?

They. Don’t. Care.

You could stick a candle in a McCain cake, let them roll around naked and have those who love and dote upon them the most show up. That right there is all they need and/or know about a party in their honour being awesome. Oh, and the presents. But that bit doesn’t come until later.

I guess what I’m trying to say, is all of these grand birthday parties are really for us. The adults. And the expectation of presents, well – that all up to us to. These little humans after all, are essentially moulded by us. So, what may be cute when they are younger? (Ripping open a mountain of pressies). Will be far less so when they start to demand or expect it, often skulking when they don’t get it. We’ve all heard the term, ‘…I’ve created a monster’.

‘Nuff said.

It should also be mentioned that technically, Abby doesn’t turn 1 until this Thursday – we had her grand hoopla of a party earlier to accommodate guest RSVP’s. So you can expect to be hit with another round of epic cuteness come the actual day of her birth. Until then though, may your ovaries (or other baby-loving parts) be tickled by these…

  • The Diva 1 of 24
    The Diva
    Looking every little bit the darling, sweet, saucy little monkey that she is.
  • The Diva’s #1 Hero 2 of 24
    The Diva's #1 Hero
    Her brother, who is equally sweet and saucy. (Also? Tubes rule. Rule I tell you).
  • Water Play 3 of 24
    Water Play
    While we didn't make it to the beach, we still had lots of water activities going on. Kiddie pool , sprinkler, water balloons (for the older kiddos) and sponges. Happy Days.
  • Everting In The Mouth 4 of 24
    Everting In The Mouth
    All the time, everyday, like gangbusters.
  • Show & Tell 5 of 24
    Show & Tell
    As of late she is pointing at everything, (and I mean everything, all of the everything, everywhere, it is fascinating you know). If the object of her desire is safe enough for her to fiddle with and inevitably shove in her mouth, we give it to her. Wherein she promptly lifts it up high, often shoving it up ones nose, proclaiming, 'THIS!!' Oh, the sweet victory.
  • The Magnificence! 6 of 24
    The Magnificence!
    Pure, unadulterated joy. (This expression also says, 'lookit meeee! LOMG, seriously though, lookit meeeee!)
  • Non-Stop Good Times Over Here 7 of 24
    Non-Stop Good Times Over Here
    She has a slight asphyxiation with opening her mouth wide, leaving it gaping, with tounge lolling at times. She's been doing it constantly. While dancing, while crawling, when she wakes up and boogies in her crib...watching herself in her closet mirrors - quite entertained by the whole show. Put on by herself. That's my girl.
  • See? 8 of 24
    Told Ya.
  • For Full Effect 9 of 24
    For Full Effect
    In case I wasn't clear enough before. It would appear as though this little girl was having herself a most excellent time.
  • Roly Poly… 10 of 24
    Roly Poly...
    Toddlers and babies. As seen here entertaining the masses.
  • Tender 11 of 24
    A nano-second of gentle checking in from big bro, with his little sis.
  • C’mon 12 of 24
    You just died from cute, right?
  • Photo-Bomber 13 of 24
    Otherwise known as the Daddy. Every chance he'll get. This cute shot is of our little girl with her daycare provider whom we are very lucky to have. She is such a loving, quality friend to our babies. As are her children and her hubby. It was super cool to hang with them socially.
  • Pappa Love 14 of 24
    Pappa Love
    Going in for the kill. (His nose obviously).
  • Daddy’s Little Girl 15 of 24
    Daddy's Little Girl
    Forever. Don't mess.
  • Daddy The Jungle-Gym 16 of 24
    Daddy The Jungle-Gym
    Clearly, she's got him wrapped. And with good reason.
  • Oh, You Pretty (Little) Thing(s) 17 of 24
    Oh, You Pretty (Little) Thing(s)
    David Bowie, I know you wrote that song for my girl. (Even though I really know it's all about the influences of occultist [Crowly], and Nietzsche [that famous philosopher] on us humans [and our obsolescence] in favour of the notion that aliens and teenagers should [and will] rule the world. Now ya know.)
  • Perfect Score 18 of 24
    Perfect Score
    Just in case y'all were keeping score. Baby splits deserve a round of applause.
  • Saucin’… 19 of 24
    It's what she does, yo. And ever well.
  • Ima Gonna OWN You Cake! 20 of 24
    Ima Gonna OWN You Cake!
    That's what this look says.
  • From a Distance 21 of 24
    From a Distance
    Watching the foreign proceedings with intent. The theory that babies don't know much? I beg to differ. She clearly knew something amazing was about to happen and acted with baited breath at such. Because babies are genius and they know things. Mostly amazing things.
  • Cutting Time 22 of 24
    Cutting Time
    Divvying up a 4 tier cake? Not for the faint of heart.
  • All Good Things Come To Those Who Wait 23 of 24
    All Good Things Come To Those Who Wait
    Like strawberry shortcake and so forth.
  • Like a boss. 24 of 24
    Like a boss.
    A cake boss to be precise. Happy Day-We-Could-All- Get-Together-To-Celebrate-Your-Birthday, My Girl! (It's a cupcake for you on Thursday.)

I’d like to extend a HUGE thank-you to our friends Cindy and Arvin Valenciano. Arv took all the fantastic pictures you just had the pleasure of viewing (and then some). Cindy is our daycare provider. She’s the bees knees!

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