25 Inspiring and Adorable Baby Photos

Baby photos are just the cutest to swoon over.  And guess what — did you know that May is known as National Photographer Month? As an avid-picture takin’ queen, I am constantly browsing inspiring baby photos to help me stir up ideas for my next photo session. My best friend Kim Flores is known as one of the best photographers in the Baltimore area and I am thrilled I have her to capture those special milestones.

But even if you don’t have a photographer, try picking up the hobby yourself! It’s a fun, relaxing thing to do for all ages. You can find never-ending tutorials and inspiration on Pinterest. Browse your favorite photography blogs to find inspiration and get your creative juices flowing. Pin ideas you want to try at home too! You may be surprised at what you capture in just a click of a button. Learning photoshop can be fun too and is a great editing tool you can use on your home computer.

Taking photos of baby during all of those precious milestones from newborn to 18 months and beyond is a great way to capture memories and fill your house with beautiful photos.

  • Inspring and Adorable Baby Photos You’ll Swoon Over! 1 of 26

    In honor of National Photographer Month - browse through some of our favorite photos of baby!

  • So Cute! 2 of 26

    In my opinion nothing is cuter then a sweet baby boy (that's Grayson!) in a Monkey hat! Swoon.

    Image via Kim Flores Portraits

  • What A Precious Moment 3 of 26

    I just love this black and white photo taken in a Georgia neighborhood of sweet Scarlett taking a peek through the fence. She is so precious!

    Image via Allyson Keller

  • Pop of Color 4 of 26

    The brick background during this outside photo session and a vintage blue chair combined with a sweet face creates the perfect photo opp.

    Image via Kim Flores Portraits

  • Simple Idea 5 of 26

    I love this idea! Placing Mom in some cute boots in the background behind baby! And seriously -- how cute is Carter??

    Image via Samantha Smith, reader

  • The Perfect Prop 6 of 26

    An oversized antique rocking horse makes for unique newborn photos that are sure to be a big hit.

    Image via Kim Flores Portraits

  • Just So Beautiful 7 of 26

    The light, the outdoors, a sweet baby and a ruffle romper  -- it's just all so beautiful.

    Image via Cherry Street Pics

  • Sweet Drems 8 of 26

    Finding props around your home works just as well if you don't have time to head into a studio. How sweet is Apple all bundled up?

    Image via The Wiegands

  • My Sadie Bug 9 of 26

    This is my sweet Sadie who somehow got the nickname Sadie Bug when she was 7-months-old. I can't believe my youngest girl is 2 now. Time flies when you're having fun!

    Image via Kim Flores Portraits

  • Unique Props 10 of 26

    I love how this sweet newborn is looking right at the camera as she is ready for her close-up. Choosing unique accent furniture and props really helps bring the photo to life.

    Image via Kim Flores Portraits

  • Twins 11 of 26

    It does get much cuter than twin boys in overalls! Just precious.

    Image via Kim Flores Portraits

  • Take Photos In the Home 12 of 26

    Prop baby up in your favorite part of your house to capture your favorite spot! You don't always have to be in a photographer's studio to get a good picture. I love all the colors in this one! It's so bright and cheery.

    Image via Laura Winslow

  • Glamour Girl 13 of 26

    How sweet is that face? Using a suitcase is such a fun prop for this glamour baby girl! I just love the tutu, pearls and adorable headband.

    Image via Heidi Hope

  • Bring the Indoors Outside 14 of 26

    Grab your favorite chair inside and bring it outside! It's an easy way to capture a few smiles.

    Image via Laura Winslow

  • Monkey Business 15 of 26

    Can we say brilliant? This is such a fun, cute idea to do with baby! I really want to try to do this with Grayson when he gets a little older. The photographer did such a wonderful job capturing these oh-so-cute photos!

    Image via Munchkins and Mohawks

  • Hello Cuteness 16 of 26

    A baby and her words for the cuteness above!

    Image via Krysta Manthe

  • Innovative Props 17 of 26

    I love how the photographer used such an innovative prop -- a vintage scale during this newborn photo session.

    Image via Captured by Carrie

  • A Sweet Girl and Her Bonnet 18 of 26

    Try using your favorite hat for a prop and laying baby on a pretty blanket. I love how the photographer captured that sparkle in her eye.

    Image via Heidi Hope

  • Baby in a Basket 19 of 26

    If I could redo my newborn shoot with Grayson, this is one thing I would have loved to incorporate. It's so not your average photo prop but I absolutely love how this baby is propped in the basket. So cute!

    Image via Captured by Carrie

  • Take Baby to the Park 20 of 26
    photo 5

    This is such a great idea!!! Snap as many frames as possible as you swing baby at the park -- especially during their first swing! How cute is little Jackson enjoy his first time on the big boy swing? 

    Image via Kim Flores Portraits

  • Less is More 21 of 26

    A simple chair against a white wall makes for a perfect photo which can easily be done at home.

    Image via Lane Proffitt

  • Baby and Bunnies 22 of 26
    photo one

    How cute is this? I can't get over how adorable this photo is. It would just be so perfect for remembering Baby's First Easter or love for bunnies!

    Image via Summer Lynn Photography

  • High Ryder 23 of 26
    photo four

    Look at this adorable wooden airplane prop! I don't think there is anything cuter and I can't wait to put Grayson in it during our next photo session.

    Image via Kim Flores Portraits

  • Oh-So-Pretty 24 of 26
    photo three

    The photographer did such a beautiful job capturing the simplicity of this photo. I love how the chair is outside and the natural light is just so pretty!

    Image via Summer Lynn Photography

  • Best Friends 25 of 26
    photo two

    There is nothing sweeter -- a baby and their best friend. What a sweet moment!

    Image via Summer Lynn Photography

  • Mom and Daughter Love 26 of 26
    Fullscreen capture 5152013 123211 PM

    I don't know if it's the sweet kiss they are sharing or those beautiful matching scarves but this is one of my favorite mother and baby pictures of all time. You can just see the strong bond they have and it's priceless.

    Image via Coconut Robot and Rachel Rowland Photography   

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