25 Parent Bloggers Changing the World, One Post at a Time

Have you ever been profoundly moved by someone’s words? Not in an “I can’t believe she just said that” sort of way, but more of a “thank you, you just changed my life” way.

Or have you ever found a specific online community where you knew you just belonged? A place where you could find comfort and support, even during the darkest of times?

Have you ever wondered who the faces are behind these amazing advocacy blogs?

Babble recently announced the Top 25 Parent Bloggers who are changing the world. Pretty hefty title, don’t you think? But the thing is, the list is pretty spot on. These women (and men) are doing it, one post at a time. And no, the list isn’t numbered, because in this case, they all rock it hard equally.

A few bloggers on the list that have personally touched and changed my life for the better:

Heather Spohr: Heather’s daughter Maddie was born 11 weeks prematurely and spent a significant amount of time those first couple months in the NICU. In 2009, Maddie unexpectedly passed away from a respiratory infection. Since then, Heather has turned her tragedy into positive action, founding Friends of Maddie, a nonprofit organization that provides support to families whose babies are in the NICU. Heather also blogs at her personal site, The Spohrs Are Multiplying and Babble Voices.

Katherine Stone: Woman around the globe suffering from postpartum depression or other mental illnesses related to pregnancy and childbirth are finding Katherine Stone’s blog, Postpartum Progress an amazing resource and community for all things PPD related. Katherine has personally helped me find the help and resources I need to combat my present case of postpartum anxiety. Katherine is kind, courageous, fierce and will always be in your corner of the PPD ring. She blogs on Babble Voices as well.

Kristine Brite McCormick: Kristine’s 5 day old daughter Cora died in her arms back in 2009 from a congenital heart defect (CHD). CHD could have been detected at birth, had the hospital administered a simple pulse ox test. Since then, Kristine started a blog in her daughter’s memory, Cora’s Story, where she diligently fights for the pulse ox test to be a mandatory procedure. This year, the state of Indiana passed Cora’s Law. Incidentally, my son Paul was one of the first babies in the state of Indiana to receive this test.

These three women are just a handful of amazing stories found on the Top 25 Parent Blogger list. Here is a link to the complete list.

See any familiar faces on the list? Any specific blogger you want to give a personal shout-out to for changing your life?

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