25 Things I Bet You Didn't Know About Me!

You ready?

Ever stop and wonder who exactly is the person you are reading on these blogs?

I mean there are so many of us here on Babble, and so many bloggers in the blog-o-sphere I think sometimes it is so important to stop and really let your readers get to know you more.

Over on Babble Voices Monica dished 25 things people probably don’t know about her accompanied by some great pictures and it inspired a lot of the other bloggers here on Babble to do the same.It really is a fun project.

I put together some of the facts about me. From family life, to my childhood and everything in between.

Feel free to throw out some questions below too… lets have fun with this!

You ready?

  • I’m 26 1 of 25
    I'm 26
    I am only 26. Most people think I am older because of all of my children, but believe it or not I joined this planet in 1985.
  • I am One of Three 2 of 25
    I am One of Three
    My mother had three children - I am the baby. And I always was treated like the baby of the family.
  • I have 14 Tattoos 3 of 25
    I have 14 Tattoos
    Believe it or not... I have 14 tattoos. They may be small and all over the place but have more than most can see. I am planning on getting more.
  • I am Mormon 4 of 25
    I am Mormon
    Believe it or not I am Mormon. I haven't been practicing since shortly before I met my husband, but I see the future including being active in my church again.
  • I love Taco Bell 5 of 25
    I love Taco Bell
    I could seriously live on Taco Bell. Dorito tacos are my love. Oh, and when the Taco Bell in my area caught fire a couple weeks back I drove with the kids in the car and watched it burn. Talk about a bad day!
  • I Never Thought I Would Have Kids 6 of 25
    I Never Thought I Would Have Kids
    I really never thought I would have kids... I wanted to just do my own thing in life. I like having a good time...
  • I Never Thought I Would Have a Daughter 7 of 25
    I Never Thought I Would Have a Daughter
    After two sons... I fully expected to have a third boy. I am still in shock that my life includes a baby girl.
  • Fall Family Fun 8 of 25
    Fall Family Fun
    Every fall our family travels across the state to go Apple picking, and of course we always make a trip to our local pumpkin patch. It has become a family tradition
  • Second Family 9 of 25
    Second Family
    My husband and I have a second family through the fire house he joined when I was pregnant with my middle son. We have made some of the best friends we could never live without We are so grateful for the brotherhood we belong to.
  • I Had Breast Surgery at 18 10 of 25
    I Had Breast Surgery at 18
    I had a lump removed from my breast when I was 18. It felt like they parked a Buick on my chest, but with breast cancer on both sides of my family the doctors didn't want to take any chances. It was extremely scary.
  • I Love NYC 11 of 25
    I Love NYC
    I wish I could live in New York City. Seriously. I would uproot my family if it wasn't so damn expensive!
  • I am a Nascar Fan 12 of 25
    I am a Nascar Fan
    Yup, I watch Nascar. My husband got me into it, we have even gone to races. I think it is far more exciting than some sports out there.
  • I Met My Husband in High School 13 of 25
    I Met My Husband in High School
    Funny story. We knew each other in high school and both ended up at the Class of 1999 prom. Where we proceeded to ditch our dates and hang out for the night. Who would have thought 13 years later we would be married with 3 kids?
  • I Became an Aunt at 11 14 of 25
    I Became an Aunt at 11
    Since my sister was 15 years older than me, naturally I became an aunt at an early age. 11 years old to be exact!
  • I am Always Behind the Camera 15 of 25
    I am Always Behind the Camera
    I am always the one behind the camera. I rarely get any pictures of me with the kids, but I totally don't mind.
  • I Love the Beach 16 of 25
    I Love the Beach
    I could never live away from the beach. For a period of time I lived about 45 minutes from the beach and it killed me. AHH! Never again!
  • I am a Black Belt 17 of 25
    I am a Black Belt
    No joke! I am a black belt. I started karate when I was 7 and followed all the way through till I was a teen.
  • I Sleep with a Teddy Bear 18 of 25
    I Sleep with a Teddy Bear
    See that bear in the picture. I still have it and sleep with it every night. It has always been my comfort item. One time when I traveled to Mexico with my parents as a kid TSA tried to put it through the X-Ray machine and I FLIPPED out. Apparently it was pretty epic. HA! The Bear "Teddy Freddy" has also joined me to birth each of my children.
  • Kick Ass Birthday Parties 19 of 25
    Kick Ass Birthday Parties
    When I was a kid my parents always went above and beyond to make my birthday parties awesome. One year it was a petting zoo, another it was Mother Goose... but you could always expect something spectacular!
  • I Met the Pioneer Woman 20 of 25
    I Met the Pioneer Woman
    I felt like a little kid when I met her too. I asked her for a picture for my mother. Totally true, but the picture was for me too! HA
  • My Children are my Greatest Accomplishment 21 of 25
    My Children are my Greatest Accomplishment
    My three children are my greatest accomplishment in life. There simply is no topping creating them. They are amazing.
  • I Love My Parents 22 of 25
    I Love My Parents
    I love my parents and have an extremely close relationship with them. I talk to both of them every day on the phone if I don't see them.
  • I Miss My Sister 23 of 25
    I Miss My Sister
    Most may not know but I lost my sister in October and I feel like I am missing half of me. I wish I could snap my fingers and bring her back. I am so desperate to talk to her, I am going to see a Medium.
  • I am a Cat Lady 24 of 25
    I am a Cat Lady
    If I could have 30 cats and my husband would let me, I would totally be the crazy cat ladies from The Simpsons. I have a weakness for kittens too.
  • I’m Obsessed with Vintage Toys 25 of 25
    I'm Obsessed with Vintage Toys
    I love old toys, like the toys I had when I was a little girl. I have been finding them and collecting them for my own kids. My father-in-law found this treasure!

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