3 Baby Products I Can’t Wait to Toss

Photo Credit: Brett Neilson/Flickr
Photo Credit: Brett Neilson/Flickr

I spend a lot of time thinking about when I’ll be able to throw baby products away. I can’t help it. Maybe it’s because I live in a small apartment. Whatever the reason, I practically have a party when it’s time to dump something. Here’s my list:

1. The baby bath. Oh, how I loathed that thing. I did actually throw this one out already — I couldn’t take it. I had the mesh-sling kind and it started to smell like mildew after just a few weeks. I debated whether or not to buy another one to replace it, but that seems so ridiculous. Not to mention, it would increase my guilt over adding more environmental waste. As soon as my youngest daughter could sit up on her own, it was out of here.

2. The potty chair. How on earth did I shop for it with such joy? I debated forever on which one to buy. Now, I want it gone. We have only one bathroom, so it’s on view all the time.

3. Pacifier clips. These I toss out regularly and just buy new ones. At six months, per the pediatrician’s advice, I tried to take both my daughters off their pacifiers. One baby let it go, the other wasn’t having it. I sometimes consider just letting the gooey, slimy pacifier clips be (I wash, but still…) until we wean off the pacifier all together, but I get such joy, like a LOT of joy, when I throw one away. I consider it a treat for myself to replace them.

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