3 Months Old and Still Dealing With a Blocked Tear Duct

A couple days after Avery was born I noticed that her right eye would get crusty and tear up. I didn’t think much of it since none of the doctors or nurses at the hospital said anything to me about it. As the days went on, a yellow discharge would come out of her eye several times a day. I knew this wasn’t normal so I made sure to ask her pediatrician about it at an appointment.

Her doctor diagnosed it as a blocked tear duct and assured me that this is quite common in infants and babies. She suggested to clean Avery’s eye with a warm washcloth and make sure to massage the tear duct several times a day to get the discharge out. She said that if it doesn’t clear on its own then a surgical procedure would be needed in order to unclog the duct. We are now approaching Avery’s 3-month birthday and I am still dealing with this everyday.

Each month the pediatrician asks for an update on her eye and checks for any infection. While we have managed to avoid an infection, the condition of her eye does not seem to have improved at all. Everyday she wakes up with a very crusty eye and we are constantly wiping tears that come out of it.

I’m not worried about the blocked tear duct as I know it is not affecting Avery’s health and it doesn’t bother her. We go for another doctor’s appointment on Tuesday and I will be sure to update our doctor on her eye.

I am curious to those of you who have had experience with blocked tear ducts in your children how long it lasted. Were there any treatments, other than the ones I’m doing that seemed to work? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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