3 Months Old, and Still In the Bassinet

When I was pregnant with my first child, a group of girlfriends all chipped in and bought me a very lovely Moses basket. I didn’t register for it, they just decided that I needed one, regardless of what I thought. On my opinion, I already had a crib, so why would I have a need for a bassinet?

Let me tell you. They were right, and I was very wrong. I have loved that bassinet to the moon and back.

Eight years later, all four of my children have slept in that very bassinet until they were around 3 months of age. Around the three month mark, they have always switched over from the bassinet in our master bedroom to the crib in the nursery down the hall.

This Friday, Paul will be 3 months old, and we’ve encountered a bit of a hiccup in the plan.

You see, I’m ready for Paul to move on out of the master bedroom and into the nursery, but his older brother Gage (2 years old), is still enjoying the crib very much. And honestly, the thought of a 2 year old sharing a bedroom with his 3 month old brother scares me silly.

And no, I will not buy a second crib. I just refuse.

Gage has a big boy bed, but it’s hit or miss every single night to whether or not he will stay in it all night. So while I wish I had a 2 year old sleeping in his “big boy bed”, we’re just not there yet. And my tiny house has run out of bedrooms. It’s the classic case of too many people, not enough space under one roof.

So what am I to do? Paul is rapidly growing out of his newborn bassinet, and we still have a resident squatter in the crib. I’m thinking the solution might be to haul out the pack n play as a transitional bed solution.

Have any of you had this problem? Too many kids, not enough beds?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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