3. Months. Old. {Letter & Small Style}

Dear Abby:

Baby girl. Times slips by so quickly and yet, here we are in the midst of colic and eye stinging sleep deprivation and cluster feedings…to the unwavering love that is us. Today you exit out of newborn-hood into infantry. Of late you have realized there is more to life than eating, sleeping (or not sleeping, as you would have it), and pooping.

As your tiny hands reach for my face, and you chuckle deep from your tummy – kaBOOM goes my heart. It only takes but a second and gone is the ache of my tired bones, the stress of my day. So thank-you little darlin’, the road may be rough – but never afraid are we.

Now. Now you recognize my face, my voice and my smell. Now you try to grasp onto your toys and tackle at rolling over. So unique in your every move toward early discovery and development, yet right on general baby target, so the experts say.

You love to stand, dance and flex your legs muscles, while holding onto my hands so fiercely. And your head, it bobbles no more. I watch your eyes trail around to the sight of movement and flicker with shiny glee at the sight of your brother or daddy. You have the most precious way of clasping your hands when smiling, and the crinkle in your nose? Just stop. It’s ridiculous.

Shoving everything you can into your mouth, I can hear the song in your voice already as you coo and ‘talk’ at me staccato. You are most entertained by the contours of your own face and take great delight in the fuzzy fur that is your daddy’s great and burly beard.

Today and everyday — I’d walk through fire to make things stay safe and happy for you my girl. Know that. Always.

  • This Dad Rocks 1 of 15
    This Dad Rocks
    so hard.
  • Little Thinker 2 of 15
    Little Thinker
    I'll question you to the ends of the earth. Just wait.
  • Autumnal Photo Opps 3 of 15
    Autumnal Photo Opps
    This day was very bright. Sunshine bad. I am am vampire baby.
  • Bunny Love 4 of 15
    Bunny Love
  • Lens Diva 5 of 15
    Lens Diva
    Dress-up is FUN!
  • Smiles For Mama… 6 of 15
    Smiles For Mama...
    becasue she's a nerd.
  • Tummy Time? 7 of 15
    Tummy Time?
    I'm getting used to it.
  • I’ll Follow You Wherever You Go… 8 of 15
    I'll Follow You Wherever You Go...
  • Birdseye 9 of 15
    Kicking and waving. It's what I do.
  • Kisses 10 of 15
    are the best.
  • Just Chillin’ 11 of 15
    Just Chillin'
    I like purple.
  • Cooking With Mama 12 of 15
    Cooking With Mama
    not a fan. I'M her JOB. Can someone tell her that please?
  • This Carpet is SO Fuzzy! 13 of 15
    This Carpet is SO Fuzzy!
  • Hear Me Roar! 14 of 15
    Hear Me Roar!
    all the time.
  • Bunny Nose 15 of 15
    Bunny Nose

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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