4 Everyday Things That Are Scarier With a Baby

baby silverThere are a lot of scary things in this world, from real threats to the unknown — like if ghosts exist or if that spider you briefly saw out of the corner of your eye will reappear soon. It doesn’t do anyone any good to worry about things you can’t control, and when it comes to having a baby, there are a lot of things we can’t always control.

Your whole world goes a little askew as you adjust to caring for someone who is totally dependent on you and who you’re still just getting to know. You’re learning to adjust to very little and broken sleep, and there are a lot of new skills you’ll need to learn quickly — for both your sanity and your baby’s safety.

Then, there is a whole new world of things that you thought were safe, that you had mastered and that were in no way scary — that are suddenly added to that “things that scare me” list.

Here are 4 everyday things that become scary when you have a baby:

1. Clipping nails 

I’ve been clipping my own nails for as long as I can remember and it’s not something I generally have to give any thought to. It’s certainly not complicated or scary — just average grooming — until you have to clip your infant’s nails… then it’s a whole new ball game.

First, you wonder how those tiny little things could be the cause of all those scratches on your baby’s face, and when you get over the confusion, you realize you have to clip those tiny things. You fumble over opening your baby’s fingers from their tightly closed fist and you make the move with those awkwardly small nail clippers. Even with the most careful and steady hand, you’ll freak out with each move your baby makes and then your baby will cry and you’re all, “Did I just take half of their finger off?” and you start to scream — or at least I do.

Need advice on how to clip your baby’s nails? We all do — so here’s a video from WebMD.

2. Walking down stairs

I am not the most coordinated person and I fall, trip and drop things a lot. It’s even worse when I am sleep-deprived with aching shoulders from carrying a baby all day — and that’s inevitable with a baby around. In normal circumstances I don’t fear walking on stairs — I tend to choose them over using things like escalators or elevators (which do scare me, but that’s a different story). But when I have a baby in my arms, that changes.

Have you ever noticed that when you’re doing something where you’re a little intimidated, like walking down stairs, your baby decides that that moment would be a good time to throw their head back? You’re fumbling to make sure he doesn’t fly out of your arms and that you don’t miss the step. At no other time is being able to do multiple coordinated things at once more important — and more scary.

3. A hot cup of coffee

The oh-so-necessary coffee. I didn’t start drinking coffee until after the birth of my third child, and now that I’m parenting four kids and have very little sleep — that coffee has become a much-needed part of my life. As other parents know, drinking that coffee hot is a luxury when you have a little baby because you’re juggling a million things, and by the time you can sit and drink, it’s cold. I don’t like cold coffee, so coffee must be consumed within a reasonable amount of time — and that means multitasking.

Generally a cup of coffee is not a scary thing. It’s a welcome relaxation, but when you’re multitasking (like trying to drink that hot cup of coffee while nursing your baby, who just doesn’t want to settle) that hot cup becomes scary. You’re prone to spilling, and that hot cup is not something you want to spill over your baby, yourself or your favorite pair of yoga pants.

If you want to save yourself the scary hot cup of coffee — check out these 8 recipes for a delicious iced coffee.

4. A sneeze 

Sleep has not been easy for me to come by — neither naps nor bedtime because Silver is the lightest sleeper ever. It feels like all the things need to be aligned in just the right way in order for him to actually have a full more-than-10-minutes sleep, and that’s when noise becomes scary. At no other point in life is an innocent sneeze so scary as when you just get that baby to sleep after endless hours of rocking, shushing, dancing and magic. But the sneeze happens despite your best effort to try and quietly run out of Baby’s earshot — you never make it, and then you hear the baby grunt and stir.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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