4 Foods I’m Surprised My Babies Eat

Photo Credit: Carinlily/Flickr
Photo Credit: Carinlily/Flickr

Bitter, spicy, slimy, crunchy — my babies eat it all. I’m amazed. They are nothing like me and that’s a good thing.

My daughters, 12 months old and 16 months old, both began solid foods at six months. I followed the widely recommended regime of introducing a new food only once every few days while watching for any allergic reactions. When the girls turned 1 year old their pediatrician declared all foods fair game.

Here are four things that they love, for reasons I can’t explain.

1. Lettuce

While lettuce might sound benign enough, the texture is in a class all its own. Usually the look on a baby’s face is “Uh oh, I put something in my mouth I’m not supposed to, fish it out please.” However, my daughters chew up arugula like champions.

2. Raw Green Peppers

I chop these up into super small bits, and my daughters shovel them in their mouths without even flinching. Do you know how long it took me to eat raw green peppers? I worked on it for a year — and I was 26. Fingers crossed that they’ll continue to love this ubiquitous vegetable.

3. Hot Sauce

The only reason my older daughter even tried hot sauce is because she was obsessed with the bottle in the fridge. She’s grunted and reached for it for months. Once I let her hold it she wasn’t falling for the “I can’t get it open” trick. Finally, I opened it and let her have at it. I expected a lemon face reaction but instead she began to dump it all over her hands and then lick it off with joy.

4. Super Stinky Cheese

I kind of thought that babies would have some sort of evolutionary aversion to any food that smells rotten, but not my girls. The stinkier the better. I should have known that kids never say no to cheese.

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